Five Facts You Need to Know With Nashville Musician Jordan Rainer Who Appear on ‘The Voice”s’ Fourth Chair


Jordan Rainer’s outstanding Blind Auditions on the very first episode of episode 24 of “The Voice” further cemented her status as a rising county star.

  • The Voice, a season 24’s opening tryouts include Jordan Rainer.
  • Jordon sings a song by Reba McEntire.
  • Jordon is an Okla native.

In order to prevail over the famous Reba McEntire, national artists are swarming the stage in large numbers. Jordan Rainer performs one of Reba’s best hits on stage during the Voice season 24 launch on September 25.

Given her musical range, the 33-year-old singer swiftly wins over the coaches. In season 24, Jordan unquestionably demonstrates that she has what it takes to persevere. What about Jordan Rainer? Learn more about this exceptional country musician as the newest season of The Voice begins.

Jordan receives a four-chair turn

Jordan performs “Fancy” by Reba at her blind audition. Reba is the first to turn her red chair, then Gwen Stefani, Brendan Horan, John Legend, and finally Reba. Jordan’s tryout earns her the coveted 4-chair turn. Jordan is described as having “exceptional vocals” by John, while Niall thinks she is “definitely a country star.”

Jordan explains her choice of song by stating, “It reflects poetically what women do to stay alive, as I am a woman who has accomplished what I’ve had to do to survive. Each and every muscle in my body is filled with that melody.

Jordan was a native of Oklahoma

Atoka, Oklahoma, is where Jordan is originally from. She shares with Reba that she just finished a performance at Reba’s House in her native town. Jordan resides in Nashville at the moment. Alongside her spouse and dog, she relocated to Nashville eight years ago.

Jordan Nearly Became a Kidnapping

Jordan became popular on TikTok after she shared the story of her near-kidnapping in 2020. Jordan said in the clip that she always took the same path while the school was in lockdown.

A automobile once passed by her and stopped directly in front of her. Jordan had a strong feeling that the man was going to kidnap her. On The The Tamron Hall Show in January 2023, Jordan stated, “I knew in my gut that if I had walked past his driver’s front door, it would have unlocked and that I would have been involved in a hand-to-hand battle for my life.”

Jordan has made his own music available

Revolver, Jordan’s most recent EP, arrived in June 2023. She released numerous songs in the year 2023, including “Better Liar,” “Straight Shot,” and “Painted Horses.” Apple Music and Spotify both provide her music.

Jordan Has a Huge TikTok Fan Base

On TikTok, Jordan has more than 750,000 fans. More than 10 million people have liked her videos. She talks about music, actual crimes, safety advice for women, and other topics in her YouTube clips.


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