Fans criticize photos of Nicole Scherzinger in a cut-out white swimsuit as being “insensitive”


Following the terrible Maui wildfires, Nicole Scherzinger shared lovely vacation pictures. This drew criticism from people. Some of her Instagram followers called the Hawaiian native “insensitive” due of the swimsuit pictures.

Nicole Scherzinger appeared to be enjoying her vacation as she has shared a number of breathtaking images from her recent trip to Greece.

The 45-year-old Pussycat Dolls singer dazzled in a number of photos as she posed poolside showcasing her stunning form.

Comments on the star’s travel updates, which she has been sharing with her 5.8 million Instagram followers, took a turn for the worse as people complained that she was uploading while the Hawaiian wildfires were at their worst.

Despite others supporting the actress, Nicole, who was born in Honolulu, received criticism for being “insensitive”.

After she published her article, the town of Lahaina, which is located in Maui County, was ravaged by a horrifying fire that left 80 people dead, according to reports. Hundreds of individuals are still missing and numerous others have been injured.

In her photo, Nicole could be seen amusingly posing while decked up in a white cut-through bathing suit and gazing out at a magnificent backdrop of the ocean and mountains.

I don’t want to seem somehow,” furious followers said beneath Nicole’s photo. It doesn’t change anything, but I just feel like it’s a little rude considering what’s going on in your nation. (sic)

“Maui on fire but you out here half naked in your glamorous life.. ok,” one person added. What is happening on Maui is simply in bad taste! Look at The Rock and Oprah! It’s not about somebody now living in a bikini. (sic)

A supporter defended the celebrity by writing: “Hey y’all She used to upload pictures here, but not anymore. She left Greece long ago. Please don’t hold her responsible; she wouldn’t be concerned about her family or her country. I’m grateful. (sic)

They continued, “These photos were taken a few weeks ago,” in the comments area. She may still be tweeting about what’s happening even though she isn’t on social media. (sic)

Massive destruction has been inflicted by the terrible fires. Researchers claim that the flames were sparked by atmospheric factors, including dry weather, low humidity, and category 4 storm Dora’s 60 mph wind gusts.

Strong winds caused electricity lines to be knocked down and residences to be damaged. According to CBS News, the US Coast Guard saved 17 people who had leaped into the harbor in Lahaina as the town’s fires spread.


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