Exclusive: Krista Allen Recalls How “So Crazy” It Was to Have Her Contract “Dropped” from The Brave and Beautiful


When she learned that she wasn’t returning to the show, she remarked, “I had no idea what to say, so I declined to say anything.”

Regarding her retirement from The Brave and the Beautiful, Krista Allen is being open.

The 52-year-old soap opera actress, who appeared in the daytime drama for two years as Dr. Taylor Hayes, talked about her feelings over being fired from the program.

While at the 50th Daytime Emmy Awards, Allen told PEOPLE, “I have no idea what’s going on,” regarding the decision made by the program creators.

She did, however, point out that although CBS “just never announced it,” she had known “for a long time” that she would be leaving the show.

It’s insane that the deal was canceled. The actress remarked of her departure, “It’s like, make which makes sense.”

At the Daytime Emmy Awards, Allen, which was nominated for the accolade of best supporting actress for her role in a daytime drama series, said it was bittersweet to learn that she wouldn’t be returning.

Allen was informed in October that her deal for the program would not be renewed, according to a prior story from Deadline. Nov. 8 was her last day of appearing on the program.

Allen remembered that when she heard the news, she was speechless.

“I said nothing because I had nothing to say. However, she acknowledged to PEOPLE that this is the best moment possible.

Regarding her future plans, the Emmy nominee hinted that she might choose to replace a writer’s pen with a script.

Allen said, “I suppose I might write a book.”

It’s based on an actual incident. She told the story of a lady who, in spite of all the odds, took over a character in a soap opera, won over fans, and was nominated for an Emmy. “There’s a lot of drama going on backstage, and she needs to figure it out.”

She revealed that the novel would contain elements of a daytime soap opera and would be created purely for her personal delight.

Allen remarked, “I think I might come up with something extremely enjoyable, really dramatic, and really soapy.” “I think that if I were to write a lighthearted novel and turn it into a soap opera, since it kind of feels that way.”

She went on, “But sure, it could be enjoyable.” “It might be entertaining.”


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