Ex-partner Brandon Blackstock allegedly told Kelly Clarkson she wasn’t “sexy” enough to go on The Voice: Report


Blackstock has filed an appeal against the November verdict that ordered him to pay Clarkson $2.6 million for illegally obtaining deals while serving as her manager.

The Grammy winner reportedly stated in court last year that his former spouse and manager, Brandon Blackstock, didn’t think Kelly Clarkson was “sexy” enough to be a coach on The Voice, according to The New York Post.

Blackstock’s legal team has filed an appeal of the November verdict that ordered him to reimburse Clarkson $2,641,374 for illegally obtaining agreements as her manager that were meant to be handled by a talent agency.

The “Miss Independence” singer said in newly released court documents received by the Post that Blackstock informed her The Voice that she “was searching for a more sex symbol type,” citing Rihanna as an example.

The source stated In her testimony, 41-year-old Clarkson described the purported conversation to the California Labor The commissioner, who later found in Clarkson’s favor with regard to the outstanding payments.

Prior to Clarkson’s 2018 audition for the NBC singing competition, Blackstock, 47, supposedly informed his spouse that the network was seeking a “diverse” panel of judges and “possessed to have anybody that was Black.”

Blackstock allegedly told Clarkson that she appeared “too similar” to Blake Shelton, the show’s former coach, in order for her to be added.

According to the Post, the musician was questioned by her attorney, Ed McPherson, about her capacity to recollect the details of the purported conversation with Blackstock. She replied, “Well, a wife does not forget if she gets told she’s not a symbol of sex, so that stays.”

According to records acquired by PEOPLE at the time, Clarkson stated in her November complaint that Blackstock obtained her contracts with Wayfair, Norwegian Cruise Line, The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the Billboard Music Awards and collected money in exchange.

According to the records, Blackstock was found not to have overreached himself as a manager when it came to the Kelly Clarkson Show contract, but Clarkson’s group at Creative Artists Agency ought to have handled the other four transactions.

As to the verdict, a manager who does not possess a talent agency license is prohibited from attempting to get employment for artists through the Talent Agencies Act (TAA).

According to documents, Blackstock received commissions for each of the jobs that Clarkson mentioned above: $1,983,155.70 for her contract as a coach on The Voice; $208,125 for a promotional agreement with NCL; $450,000 for a partnership with Wayfair; and $93.30 for her multi-year arrangement as the host of the Billboard Music Awards. These commissions, according to the documents, must now be reimbursed to his ex-wife.

Before Blackstock filed for divorce in June 2020 and it was granted two years later, Clarkson and Blackstock were wed for over seven years. Son Remington Alexander and daughter River Rose are the couple’s two children. (Blackstock’s daughter Savannah and son Seth are from his first marriage to Melissa Ashworth.)


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