Eva Longoria Discusses Finding Herself-Worth and Not Growing Up Under the “Pressures of Social Media” (Exclusive)


“I didn’t have the same connection with beauty that I believe many young girls do,” Longoria says to PEOPLE before to the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth event.

Eva Longoria has a deeper connection to beauty than meets the eye.

The director-producer talked candidly on growing up without the demands of social media and discovering self-worth within, ahead of L’Oréal Paris’ Women of Worth event.

“I consider myself fortunate to have not grown up in the age of social media. I never had the same connection to beauty that I believe many young girls do, especially in this day and age, with the pressures of comparison and trying to live up to these frequently unachievable ideals,” 48-year-old Longoria says to PEOPLE.

The actor and filmmaker, who grew up with sisters, also felt pushed by the women in her immediate environment.

“My family is made up of strong, self-reliant women. “I found those role models without much effort,” she remarks.

Longoria continues, “My mom worked a full-time job, raised four girls, one child with special needs, had dinner on the table every day at six, and attended every band practice and cheerleading practice.” Thus, it’s like, “Wow,” to me. I constantly think, ‘I’m not making enough effort in my life!’

After working for L’Oréal Paris for almost 20 years, Longoria has enjoyed seeing how skincare and makeup have developed over time. Most importantly, though, Longoria now lives by the catchphrase of the company, “Because You’re Worth It.”

It has become a catchphrase and a call to action for women to reflect on their lives and list all the areas in which they are valuable contributors. Recognizing your value as a person, as well as that of your connections, career, marriage, society, and community, is equally important, the speaker adds.

“That’s what I have long loved about this brand,” she goes on. It has always been more important to discover your own sense of worth within yourself than it has been to sell lipsticks.

That she is “blown away” by the 2017 Women pf Value the winners, who join 170 other women who have received recognition throughout the course of the brand’s 18-year campaign, makes sense.

“These individuals absolutely have been the women of merit in the entire world and the prizes put emphasis on the good work they’re each doing.”

During the function, Longoria gave honors to two deserving recipients: Sophia Kianni of Climatic Knights and Shrusti Amula of the Rise N Shine Foundation.
The remaining students in the class are: Mariya Taher of Sahiyo U.S.; Tonya Sandis of Free2Luv; Estefanía Rebellón of Indeed We Can World Foundation; Carin Forin of Twilight Wish Foundation; Judaline Cassidy of Tools & Tiaras; Samantha Wettje of 16 Strong Project; and she Woodward of Disability EmpowHer Network.
Longotia praises each of them for being significant change agents.

“Shruti created and carried out a composting initiative that was subsequently used in schools by her state. One hundred million pounds pf food waste that would have otherwise been burned has been rescued from incinerators by her initiative, which simply redistributes the food to homeless shelters, food banks. That’s an insane difference.”

After that, Sophia started Climate Cardinals, the biggest youth-led climate NGO that increases the accessibility of climate resources for non-English speaking individuals. She has also received praise from around the world. She is the youngest advisor to the UN, and she has achieved a great deal.”

As she delivers this important lesson, Longoria discovers that “you do not need to be wealthy or renowned to make a change.”

“I believe that the idea that one cannot be a philanthropist due to their lack of fame is a major mistake and myth. I lack sufficient funds.” Every single one of the women we are honoring tonight witnessed an injustice. These are remarkable ladies accomplishing remarkable feats.

“They were the shift that they wished to see in their environment and in their community.


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