Emma Stone’s friend Taylor Swift wears all-black to support her at the premiere of Poor Things


Since their adolescent years, Swift and Stone were close buddies.

Emma Stone is receiving support from Taylor Swift!

The 33-year-old singer of “Blank Space” showed up at the DGA Theater in New York City on Wednesday to attend the premiere of the Easy A actress’s new movie, Poor Things.

Swift stood out when she entered the venue since she was dressed all in black with a bold red lip. The celebrity stayed toasty in a coat with faux fur around her wrists and neck. It was a flowy dress with open-toe pumps on underneath.

Stone, 35, claims that the two had been close since their teenage years. The Cruella star provided Vanity Fair with an exclusive look inside their bond over the weekend.

At the Veuve Clicquot Golf Classic on Saturday, she told the tabloid, “I was lucky because we’ve been buddies for a really long time.” She also revealed that the artist had assisted her in obtaining Eras Tour concert tickets for a show in March in her native state of Arizona.

“She hooked me up, which was very nice because I know those tickets are impossible to get,” the friend, who I’ve known since we were 17, said.

Stone said, “She’s a wonderful friend.”

The actress exclaimed, “She blows my mind.” “I’ve never seen something like the sheer endurance needed to perform 44 songs over three and a half hours while keeping the audience’s intense energy levels.”

In an interview with W Magazine at the same event, Stone—who won the award for best actress for the musicals La La Land—called the performance “kind of a full-circle moment.”

On her sixteen-year friendship with the renowned person, Stone remarked, “It’s been fantastic to see all of the ‘eras,’ from the very beginning to now.” “Mandy Moore, the choreographer behind La La Land, also directed the concert.”

Swift, who on Wednesday was named Time’s Person of the Year, disclosed that Stone suggested Moore be appointed.

“I’m not good at learning choreography,” she said to the magazine. The singer of “Shake it Off” went on to say that Oscar night was a really “fun” occasion. “I don’t want to be in that world, doing that show while intoxicated.”

The music sensation talked candidly about her relationship with Beyoncé with Time as well.

Swift said, “She’s the most beautiful gem of a person—warm and open and funny.”

The two almost caused a stir on the internet when the “Love Story” singer showed support for another Oscar winner by showing up to the European premiere of medieval: A Movie By Beyoncé, her concert film.

Swift clarified that none of them let outside noises to interfere with their personal connection, even as she continued to compliment the “business practices” of the “Break My Soul” hitmaker.

“This summer, a lot of stadium tours took place, but only Beyoncé and I were compared,” the singer remarked. “Clearly, even though the two artists in question decline to engage in that conversation, it is very profitable for media and stan culture to put the two women versus each other.”


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