Ed Sheeran interrupts his performance to grant a couple’s dream and declares, ‘My first gender reveal’


Ed Sheeran fulfilled a couple’s dream by organizing a gender reveal in the middle of his concert over the weekend.


  • A couple’s gender was revealed by Ed Sheeran during his performance in Kansas City.
  • He praised the pleased parents and said, “It’s fantastic.”
  • Last week, Ed Sheeran treated his Chicago supporters some hot dogs as a surprise.

Giving his audience what they want is something Ed Sheeran is obsessed with. The vocalist of Thinking Out Loud stopped his performance on Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri, to help a couple reveal the gender of their unborn child. When Ed Sheeran decided it was the right moment to announce the baby’s gender, he was midway through his world-beating hit Perfect. Fans waited impatiently as he opened the package. The musician posted the footage on Instagram as well.

In Kansas City, Ed Sheeran canceled his performance to do a gender reveal

In the most ideal way, Ed Sheeran was helping a family. Rock icon took a break from his concert on Saturday in Kansas City to fulfill a couple’s request for him to reveal the gender of their unborn child. The musician posted a video of the on-stage event to Instagram on Saturday, showing the audience’s reactions as it happened. “My first gender reveal,” Sheeran said in the caption of his adorable announcement photo.

On Twitter, a different view of the event at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium showed the couple—who looked to be holding a sign—passing an envelope to Ed Sheeran who was on stage.

Before ramping up the tension, the Shape of You singer noted in an Instagram video, I’ll return to singing Perfect, but this seems like the first time, sort of, he added. Let’s begin. Sheeran ripped into the envelope while repeatedly saying, “Here we go.” When he opened the package, he declared, “It’s a girl!” A man in a backward cap and a woman in a white gown were beaming as the camera panned to the happy pair.

The audience cheered enthusiastically. The expectant woman then joyfully embraced the father of her kid. Sheeran then sent the couple his best wishes while addressing his own fatherhood. “Can I just say that it’s amazing as a father of two daughters? Congratulations.”

Last week in Chicago, Ed Sheeran shocked his audience by dishing out hot dogs

Backstreet Boys karaoke, an appearance by Eminem in Detroit, and other surprises were all part of Sheeran’s performances last week. The musician visited the renowned Chicago hotdog eatery The Wieners Circle during a stop on his Mathematics Tour. Backstreet Boys karaoke, a visit by Eminem in Detroit, and other surprises have all been a part of Sheeran’s gigs.

Sheeran was allowed to serve many dogs at the restaurant, which is notorious for its boisterous and aggressive treatment of patrons, and was even the target of insults as part of the prank.

Sheeran also said earlier this week on Instagram that he smashed the attendance record at Soldier Field in Chicago this past weekend, performed to a sparse audience that could have heard a pin drop, received abuse for selling hotdogs, and even acquired a new tattoo.


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