During her divorce from husband Todd, RHOM’s Alexia Nepola feels “lost,” but she also tries to recall the “beautiful times”


The Bravo actress revealed that she was still shocked by Todd’s divorce filing decision.

Todd Nepola and Alexia Nepola (L)

Alexia Nepola is having a hard time understanding that her marriage is over.

Ay Por Favor, a podcast hosted by her costar Marysol Patton on Real Housewives of Miami, will feature the reality star talking about her estranged spouse Todd Nepola’s choice to submit a petition for separation earlier this month.

During the initial week, the initial two weeks — in fact, it’s been a week and a half now, and I’m still asking myself, “What happened?” In a preview that was posted to Instagram, Alexia stated while fighting back tears.

The Bravolebrity, 56, admitted that she was going through each phase of grieving even though she tries to think back on all the wonderful times they had together and describes herself as a “positive” person.

Nepola, Alexia

Although I’d prefer not to feel angry, I recognize that rage is a grieving emotion as well. Well, phases, she went on. Yes. Even now, I’m not sure what I’m saying. because I seem to be lost.

In a different video, Alexia remarked that both of them “love each other dearly” and that their decision to end their marriage wasn’t motivated by a lack of love.

It’s just so depressing, I suppose we were unable to resolve the issue, which is why I was so shocked—I mean, I fight, right? said she. I’m sad since I never expected it and assumed everything was going well. It’s been incredibly shocking.

According to documents filed with the Miami-Dade County Court, Todd filed for divorce on April 11. The couple’s denial of financial difficulties during season 6 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills led to speculation among Alexia’s coworkers that the couple might split up.

Todd Nepola and Alexia Nepola (L).

Alexia addressed the issue on her Instagram Stories a few hours after the news of the divorce petition surfaced, writing, “I am devastated to learn that Todd chose to dissolve our marriage.”

She continued, “I will find solace in knowing that those I love will be there for me during this trying time.” I’m hoping for brighter days in the future.

After first delaying their wedding date because of COVID limitations, Alexia and Todd were married in December 2021. Alexia told the newspaper at the time that there were several meaningful moments at the wedding.

“The moment a large sea turtle surfaced above the water during the ceremony was our favorite part. I was aware that there was a deeper, symbolic significance and that the cosmos was trying to communicate with me,” the woman remarked. Sea turtles are a symbol of endurance, tranquility, healing, constancy, knowledge, and emotional fortitude. I’m a marine turtle.

In an Instagram post from 2024 dedicated to Todd’s Valentine’s Day, she paid tribute to sea turtles. “I know one thing for sure, irrespective of what life throws at me: We are meant to be together. You are my Valentine for eternity 🐢🐢 I love u so much ❤️❤️. It was captioned by Alexia.


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