During a latest footage, Russell Brand rejects claims that he sexuallyabused four women


In advance of a season on the the United Kingdom drama “Dispatches” featuring an unusual study, the actor posted a video in which he handled the claims that he was an extremely dangerous crook.”

In a brand-new Insta video, 48-year-old Russell Brand refutes certain grave illegal sexual abuse charges that have been levelled towards him. According to reports, four women have accused the comedian of allegedly sexually assaulting them between the years of 2006 and 2013. He was a star of numerous movies at the time, like Get He as a Greek and Stone the Ages, and he was employed by Radio 2 of the BBC and Channel 4 simultaneously.

In the clip, Russel said, “I’ve had two quite distressing words, rather letters, and an email, one from an established mainstream media TV firm, one from a newspaper, citing an array of highly flagrant and violent insults. However, there are some serious claims that I categorically deny amidst this barrage of astounding, somewhat ornate attacks.

Dispatches, a British breaking news program, is running a brand-new special investigations show on Saturday afternoon, despite the fact that Russell omitted naming a TV network or newspaper. Reportedly to The Daily the standard, comedian Ramesh Guru-Murthy ignited rumors about the broadcast when he posted a now-deleted photo of the program with the remark, “Something has up.”

In addition, Russell stated in the audio clip that was to be viewed above that any connections he had while engaging in “promiscuity” were each “consensual” and not polarized. “These motivations claims relate to the period when I worked in the accepted by society, when I was frequently featured in papers, and when I was in the movies,” he said. And as He’ve extensively discussed in my novels, I was a very, very promiscuous person. Now, during that period of promiscuity, every connection I had was completely voluntary.

I used to be quite open with that, almost excessively open,” he continued. “And I’m being more open with it as well. And I categorically reject the idea that this honesty has turned into anything illegal.

He was rewarded with applause by a fully booked audience during his comedy act at the Moulin Battersea Park Playhouse in London, England, just hours after posting the video. I adore you.” I adore you.” Many thanks. He reportedly warned the crowd after entering the stage that there were some things he could not discuss but hoped they would understand that he would still give it his all.


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