During a fall stroll with his daughter Lucy, Andy Cohen flaunts her adorable mini leather jacket’My Girl’


Ben & Lucy, the main characters of Bravo, are his sons.

The daughter of Andy Cohen is an avid fashionista.
The 55-year-old Bravo actor went on a stroll with his 17-month-old girl Lucy off Monday, and Cohen posted a cute photo of their outing to Instagram.

Lucy looks adorable in the photo, wearing a tiny black leather jacket with space buns for hairstyle. The father and daughter pair hold hands while posing for pictures and strolling along the street.

He wrote, “Fall walk alongside my girl ❤️” as the post’s caption.

Ben, Cohen’s 4-year-old kid, also has a father.

The father of two brought his youngster to Madison Square Garden earlier this month to see his close buddy John Mayer perform. Later, Cohen posted a number of adorable pictures from the show to Instagram along with a Grateful Dead reference, saying, “Come, hear Uncle John’s Band! The first of hopefully many of these concerts!

In the first photo, Cohen was seen watching 45-year-old Mayer play from afar of the stage with his son in his hand. A second image showed Ben sitting on his father’s shoulders. The TV personality displayed Ben’s concert pass in the third image, which said, “John Mayer SOLO Ben Cohen.”

When Cohen and his daughter Lucy visited the Witness Who Happens Live clubhouse in September, they sat across from one another and posed for pictures. His pigtailed daughter returned his broad smile with a serious expression.

In the Instagram comment, Cohen made a joke, saying, “She’s currently staring at me like I’m nuts.”


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