Due to Britney Spears’ prenup loophole, Sam Asghari was denied a multimillion dollar compensation


Due to an impenetrable prenup, Sam Asghari isn’t getting any of Britney Spears’ money, but he would have if he had dealt his cards differently.

In a similar vein, TMZ claimed on Friday that the Grammy winner’s divorce settlement will include “nothing” but presents for the 29-year-old fitness trainer.

Page Six has contacted the representatives of Asghari and Spears for comment.

According to our source on Wednesday, Asghari is “trying to negotiate concessions above his prenup and threatening to go out wit extraordinarily unpleasant details concerning Britney unless he gets paid.” This is despite the fact that he is apparently not going to get spousal support.

According to a different source, the purported “blackmail” will “never happen.”

Asghari’s representative Brandon Cohen disputed the insiders’ assertions on Thursday, calling them “false.”

“There has never been and there will never be any bad intent against her,” he declared. Sam has and will continue to be her supporter.

However, according to TMZ, if Asghari is successful in her legal challenge to the prenup, its “extensive confidentiality clause” won’t be effective.

According to TMZ, many sources claim that Asghari’s attorney, Neal Hersh, appeared to be challenging the prenuptial agreement by claiming spousal support, and as a result, Spears will “gladly pay Sam for peace of mind.” In September 2021, when Asghari and the singer announced their engagement, he wrote on Instagram to fans who were “concerned about the prenup.”

“Of course we’re getting iron clad prenup,” he added, to ” safeguard my suv and shoe collector in case she deserts me one day.”

His post was made after Octavia Spencer’s statement that Spears need to “make him sign a prenup” on the engagement news went viral.

The 53-year-old actress said on Instagram in response to Asghari’s alleged plans to reopen negotiations this week that “extortion is illegal.”


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