Drew Barrymore has postponed another season of The Drew Barrymore Program


In light of the continuing authors’ strike, the actress has postponed the return of “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

When she initially emerged that the 48-year-old performer was getting ready to go back to the camera to begin recording the fourth season of the talk show, she took to Facebook and Twitter to announce the announcement.

The Hollywood celebrity, who has been hosting the program since 2020, posted on Instagram, saying: “I was listening will everyone, and I am choosing to postpone the show’s debut until the labor dispute is ended. In addition to our amazing crew who works with the show and has helped it become what it is today, I have no words to adequately apologize to everyone I have offended. We truly looked hard for our a direction to take. And I sincerely hope that the issue will be resolved quickly for everyone in the sector.

The company that creates “The Drew Barry More Show,” CBS Digital Ventures, has likewise backed the choice.

The firm said in a statement to “Entertainment Tonight”: “We understand Drew’s decision to delay the return of the show and understand how challenging and challenging this period has proven on them.”

Throughout the past, Drew apologized profusely on Insta for returning during the authors’ strike.

She added she had felt at the time that this was the right course of action.

In a then-deleted footage, Drew said: “I feel like there is nothing I can say or do right now that will make it okay.

I was prepared to accept complete accountability of my conduct by owning a choice, making it clear that this was not a PR-protected circumstance. I am aware that nothing I do will change the fact that this is not acceptable to those who it is. I accept that completely. I’m aware of that totally.


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