Dolores Catania Insinuates ‘Unpredictable’ Next RHONJ Series Will Show a Genuine Change in Friendship


People is told by the Bravo star, “It is hurting us, yet you’ll enjoy it!”

Regarding the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s forthcoming season, Dolores Catania is disclosing details.

The reality star told Today on Thursday during the World Malaria Initiative GLA Gala that viewers shouldn’t anticipate that the group’s past connections would endure when the Bravo program returns in season 14.

“On the red carpet of the event at Cipriani, who 43rd Street in the Big Apple City, you’re likely to observe an evolution in relationships which you could not expect,” Catania hinted. “Like, which is the hugest stuff — an authentic change between friends.”

All of these shifts may already be able to be pieced together by fans. Sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice had a falling out at the close of the previous season, with Giudice vowing never to talk to Gorga again. Additionally, PEOPLE revealed last month that former friends Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin had a physical altercation that resulted in suspension for both of them.

Additionally, Jackie Goldschneider, a friend of the show, disclosed a few days ago that she and her former close companion Anne Josephs have been estranged during an appearance on See When Does Live with Andy Cohen.

Yet, Catania informed PEOPLE There’s more to it than that. She says, “It’s been such a mix-up, I’d like to call it,” but there are also the obvious errors that we are aware of.
There are some circulating speculations that this season has seen a lot of activity, and it has! It’s erratic,” Catania continued. “You will enjoy it. What words will I use? You will enjoy it. We’re dying over it, but you’ll love it! There’s definitely nothing you can look at for you.”

Although filming for the current installment of RHONJ is still ongoing, it should be over soon. A formal debut date has not yet been disclosed.

The cast for Housewives is completed by Rachel Fuda, and Jennifer Fessler plays a friend.

The relationship between Catania and her boyfriend, Paul “Paulie” Connell, has been captured on camera. Valentine’s Day 2022 marked the two’s Instagram official relationship, and he started making appearances on RHONJ during the previous season. Season 14 will also feature more of him for viewers.

“We’ve shot a lot together,” Catania said to PEOPLE. “He’s a fantastic friend as well as a wonderful boyfriend. He manages this life really well.”

“It is difficult to be in a relationship everywhere!” Catania acknowledged. But he enjoys it. He’s loving it here. “Oh, you’re having pleasure at this party? Lord know what just happened,” I think to myself.

Regarding the International Malaria Coalition GLA the Gala, Catania mentioned that she has been attending for many years and enjoys helping the cause. “Lyme does not distinguish between the young and the aged. And it has an impact on individuals everywhere,” she said. The misdiagnosis rate is high. Many physicians also dismiss them, saying them it’s all in their heads and that the results of the blood tests don’t support it. People suffer so badly that they frequently lose hope.”
“My thoughts and prayers goes towards those afflicted with Lyme,” she said. “I simply want them to know that you should never give up—not on your faith, not on your hope. And you’re not by yourself.

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