Despite the Hollywood strike, who celebrities will viewers be able to see?


This Friday marks the beginning of the American film festival, which will animate Calvados for ten days. Numerous celebrities, including Todd Haynes, Guillaume Cannet, and Emilia Clarke, are anticipated.

For 10 days, the Cote Fleurie will settle into the seventh art’s rhythm. This Friday marks the beginning of the Deauville Us Film Festival in a rather unique setting. The annual Calvados celebration of the industry has been postponed for a few weeks due to a Hollywood strike.

There are repercussions for the festivals set to take place in Venice, Toronto, and Deauville as a result of the social movement started by actors and screenwriters on the other end of the Atlantic. Jude Law, Peter Dinklage, Natalie Portman, and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt have all postponed their visits.

But rest assured, Deauville’s streets will once again be littered with famous people during this festival’s 49th year.

Several well-known people worldwide

Certain famous people worldwideThe New Hollywood award will be given to British actor Emilia Clarke, 29, (Game of Thrones, Before You, Last Christmas). There are still tickets available for 16 euros at the festival ticket office for the ceremony on Sunday, September 3, starting at 8 p.m. at the city’s convention center.

Discovering the upcoming movie from the previously viewed Marvel franchise movie will also be possible at this time. Hidden invasion. Emilia Clarke, left, and Chiwetel Ejiofor portray a New York couple who decide to conceive a kid as a result of modern technology in Sophie Barthes’ feature film, The Pod Generation.

During the opening ceremony, in front of the American, festival organizers also intend to pay tribute to photographer and filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg (The Scarecrow, The Secret Life of a Senator).

Kyle Eastwood, who was the son of renowned American actor Clint Eastwood, is another international celebrity in Deauville. On September 5 at 4 p.m., the singer and comedian will be present at the Franciscaines for a gathering to celebrate the publication of his most recent album. Additionally, a preview of the documentary Clint Symphonic: An Family Affair will be shown.

The two jury panels’ seats

The French were going there in place of many Americans who were unable to travel. starting with the official competition jury, which is presided over by Guillaume Canet, a French director. Rebecca Marder, Mariana The fingers, Anne Berest, Stéphane Bak, Yodelice, or possibly Lauren de Clermont-Tonnerre, Alexandre Aja, and Léa Mysius will accompany the latter.

The president of the reveal jury, the actress Mélanie Laurent, will also be present during the festival’s ten days. The competition will also need to be decided by Ramata-Toulaye Sy, César Lefebvre, Marcos Pauly, Julia Faure, and Julia Faure.

Luc Besson with Carole Belle exchanged messages

Additionally, two meetings with key players in French cinema are planned, the first of which will feature star Carole Melon (Just for your eyes, Lucie Aubrac), who will speak about his vision for American movie. On September 9 at the Palais des Congrès, La Française will be available starting at 11 a.m.

From Sunday afternoon, September 3, at 4:30 pm, still at the conference facility, director Luc Besson, Jr. will be in Normandy to interact with the public.

It was a contentious decision, but the festival’s director sought to defend it on BFM Normandie: “If judgment proclaims man innocence for me, he is not guilty,” he said in an attempt to justify the presence of the man accused of raping actress Sand Van Roy.

When the complainant declared her intention to grab the ECHR in June of last year, the Strasbourg Court of Cassation officially dropped the allegations against the Frenchman.

There are 24 American filmmakers there, including Todd Haynes

Fourteen movies are shown in official competition for the 49th Deauville Festival. On the flower-covered coast, twelve of the directors competing for the Grand Prix will be present: Céline Song, who was Sean Maguire William, Rod Blackhurst, Joanna Arnox, Aitch Alberto, and even Noach Schamus.

According to the organizers’ statement to BFM Normandie, a total of 24 American producers will go to Deauville. One of the most well-known filmmakers is still Todd Haynes from the United States (Carol, Dark Waters), who will attend the presentation of his upcoming movie May December on Friday, December 8, without Natalie Portman or Julianne Moore.

Even without the stars, memorials will still take place

Even though the film industry is currently on strike, the tributes for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Peter Dinklage, Jude Law, and Natalie Portman have been kept. Even a roundtable discussion about the Hollywood strike is planned, with the organizers professing to support the cause and wish to keep the cinematic celebrations going.

The Deauville festival’s official website has the entire schedule available. For the entire festival or simply for the day, there are still tickets available.


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