DDG Describes His “Invitation” of Himself for Halle Bailey’s First Date (Exclusive)


At the Black Music Collective-presented Recording Academy Honors on Thursday, Bailey told PEOPLE, “I think everyone needs to be in love with themselves and happy.”

DDG doesn’t feel bad about how he & Halle Bailey first became romantically involved!

At the Recording Academy’s Grammy Honors presented by Black Music Collective on Friday, the 26-year-old rapper revealed he “invited” self to go out to the films with her after dinner. He made this statement while speaking with PEOPLE.

“I thought our date was over after we left this Ethiopian restaurant, but she said, ‘I’m going to see a movie.'” ‘With who?’ I thought. ‘By myself,’ she said, and I invited myself. And we’re here with a baby now,” DDG told PEOPLE.

Regarding the film the two ultimately saw, 23-year-old Bailey disclosed that they saw Dune and remarked that being under love is such a great feeling.

“I believe that everyone has the right to happiness and love,” she continued. The singer made their first child’s birth public in January.

The world is eager to meet you, my halo, 🥰👼🏽, even though the new year is only a few days old. Despite this, the best thing 2023 was able to accomplish for me was to deliver me my son. Next to a picture of herself clutching the newborn’s hand on Instagram, Bailey commented. Bailey recently told PEOPLE that DDG came up with the idea to call him Halo.

It was he who suggested his name. We just loved it when they agreed. She told PEOPLE, “I adore the name Halo. Additionally, the soundtrack for her upcoming solo debut was influenced by DDG.

For me, this was a very wonderful period of transformation. I have so much fresh content to talk about. I’m thinking, What the hell did I just go through and experience? She described it as “a whirlwind of amazingness” in a September 2023 Cosmopolitan cover story.

It’s only when you put yourself through it that you truly realize your potential. I was greatly inspired creatively, and I subsequently fell in love. Bailey continued, “I merely toyed with the concepts in my music.”

Bailey is a nominee for a Grammy Award this year in the R&B composition category for her breakout single “Angel.”

“Oh goodness you guys, I feel like My’m in a dream 💭😭,” she posted on Instagram in response to the nomination.I recently stepped off the aircraft and learned of this. God is so kind that I am amazed and incredibly appreciative 😭❤️✨I will be crying all day.”


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