DC’s Partner with Jacky Oh When she passed away, Young Fly “scared myself” and became “numb” (Exclusive)


The YouTuber claims that when his girlfriend unexpectedly passed away, his two daughters Nova and Nava came to his rescue in an exclusive PEOPLE sneak peek at Tuesday’s “Tamron Hall.”

DC Young Fly is thinking back on how his approach to grieving has changed as a result of loosing so many individuals in his life.

In an exclusive preview provided by PEOPLE for Tuesday’s Tamron Hall show, the 31-year-old Wild N’ Out singer says he “scared myself” when he realized that his lover Jacky Oh had died.

He says of his reaction upon hearing of a loved one’s passing, “I’d had so much loss.” “I’m numb to death emotionally because I’m used to it.”

DC According to Young Fly, every death he has encountered over the years has caused him to have a “different reaction.” He first experienced grief when he was 16 years old.

He starts, “I was angry with my cousin.” “I felt at peace when my father passed away. I was bewildered when my best friend passed away. I’m astonished that my girl died now.

In reference to Jacky’s passing, he asks, “And who is this for?” “To whom should I speak? Because my children are also impacted by this in addition to me. They have experienced something that I haven’t even encountered.

The TV celebrity discusses the impact of his partner’s passing on his three children, Prince Nehemiah, Nala, and Nova. He feels that his girls have been given “the spirit” and are thus able to support the whole family during their grieving process.

Nala always has this sudden, ‘What’s wrong, Daddy?’ sort of thing. Are you alright? Remain calm. He remembers, “Everything will be okay. Let me tell you about another incident where my oldest daughter, Nova, gave her aunt some words of encouragement.”

My elder daughter, Nova, tells me, “Oh, I heard auntie crying in there.” “Daddy said stop crying,” I murmured to her. We are expected to be powerful. We’re going to be fine,” he declares. “It’s the [Holy] Spirit informing me that they are approaching.” Although it will be difficult, they are suited for it.

DC Fly, who is young, acknowledges that he wouldn’t “wish” their partners’ agony on anyone. Even though Jacky passed away in May, he says that her passing still seems like a “dream” and that he believes she could enter the room at any time.

The TRL alum claims that because he has never dealt with “past traumas” in the public arena, losing his children’s mother has been “different” for him.

“I keep myself to myself. He goes on, “I really don’t even want y’all in my business,” admitting that he has been transparent about his loss in an effort to offer support to those who are going through a similar experience.

On May 31, Jacky, 33, passed away following complications from cosmetic surgery. A BET Media Group representative recognized her life with a statement published with PEOPLE after learning of her passing.

The statement said, “We feel profound sorrow by the passing of Jacklyn Smith, also known as Jacky Oh. She was a talented member of the Wild ‘N Out family whose impact will be treasured and missed forever.”

The spokesman went on, “Jacky Oh was an affectionate pal and beloved friend of the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ cast during five seasons.” Above all, she was an amazing mother to her three lovely children.

DC Young Fly paid tribute to his late spouse, praising her for being a devoted mother to their children, during her commemoration of life in Atlanta in June.

“Jack, you have my affection. “Man, these kids are gorgeous,” he remarked while crying. “I’m speaking about an amazing mother. I want our children to know that you were not gone from us; you had a lovely soul. Heaven is where you are. You are still here in spirit, and we have an incredible network of supporters. With the help of our lovely support network, they emerged. We cherish you. Keep God first, everyone in here.”


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