Danny Masterson, a Hollywood actor, obtained a 30-year prison term for rapes


Daniel Masterson, who was who was found guilty in May of narcotics and then raping Church of Scientology members at his house in the posh Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles between 2001 and 2003, has been given a 30 year prison sentence for several counts of rape.

This was his second sexual trial; the first one ended in a mistrial in November after an alternate jury had no way to reach a majority verdict.

On a new charge of rape against a third woman, the jury in the retrial was split evenly. This charge was dropped.

Since being found guilty, Masterson has been detained until punishment.

He gained notoriety with the 1998 premiere of the classic comedy “That ’70s Show,” in which he co-starred with actors Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher in the role as Steven Hyde.

He collaborated once more with Kutcher on Netflix’s “The Ranch,” but as it became clear that the actor was the subject of numerous rape allegations, he was sacked and the show was canceled in 2017.

At the time of the accusations against Masterson, the three ladies at the center of them were Church of Scientology members. Several individuals said that members of the church had dissuaded them from calling the authorities.

In their final remarks, Masterson’s attorneys questioned why the jury had been exposed to “so much about Scientology,” and the defense had indicated that prejudice towards the organization may have been a driving force.

The idea that the Order of Scientologist tried to put an end to the complaints was disputed by the organization.

There is no church policy that forbids or discourages members from informing law authorities about illegal activity committed by anyone, whether or not they are Scientologists.

Contrary to popular belief, Scientologists are officially required by church policy to obey all applicable laws, according to the church’s position in the Parson case.


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