Cory and Topanga were too young to get married, but Danielle Fishel still intends to “treat” herself on their 25th anniversary


This beloved TV couple, who became engaged at the conclusion of their senior year on the program, received input from the ‘Boy Loves World’ actress.


Danielle Fishel is approaching a momentous anniversary!

The 42-year-old actress shared her plans for commemorating her and Ben Savage’s fictitious wedding anniversary this year, which will mark 25 years since Topanga and Cory from Boy Meets World exchanged vows.

Silver! Fishel mentioned the customary present for a quarter-century wedding during a panel led by PEOPLE’s Dory Johnson at 90s Fest on Saturday. “I’m gonna to treat yourself to some gold when I get home,” Fishel declared. It amazes me that I have been married for twenty-five years. I barely appear older than fifteen!

When questioned if Topanga and Cory were “too young” to be making that step, Fishel responded, “Yes!” Topanga & Cory are barely seventeen on the television series when they got engaged, which happened on the occasion of their senior year of high school. Naturally, we were.

Ben Savage in ‘Boy Meets World’ with Danielle Fishel. ABC Image Archives/Disney Entertainment Content Generally Available Through GETTY

She went on, praising them for their achievement and mentioning her old the costar Tony Quinn, who was who is still happily wed to the girl she knew in high school. “Now, it works out for them,” she said. While there are success tales, getting married straight out of college is often not the best decision.

The actress, who played Topanga again on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets Girl from 2014 to 2017, has already shared her thoughts on her character’s choice to wed Cory at such a young age.

She told individuals, “I think one of the things we learned from Cory so Topanga is that each relationship is a distinct story, and it’s personal for the two people, regardless of if people agree with the decision.” If you are in a relationship, then only you know its tale.

Savage, 43, added his voice as well, expressing admiration for Cory and Topanga’s genuine heart-centered actions during the popular coming-of-age series’ run form 1993 to 2000.

Fishel and Savage tested the relationship at least once, but they never felt a spark off-screen, despite their characters’ long-lasting success in love.

Fishel, who has been wedded to actor Jensen Greenberg since 2018, claimed at 90’s Con in 2022 that she and her co-star never had a serious relationship but did give it a go after their marriage went into production.

After working together for around two years, there was, she said, “literally, one moment when Ben and I gazed at each other and thought, ‘Are there feelings there?'” After that, we headed out to supper and said, “No!”

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel in ‘Boy Meets World’. Disney Television/Getchy

Despite this, they developed a close friendship off-screen, and Fishel once pestered Savage to go to a school dance, which she described as one of her favorite tales.

“After eating dinner at Denny’s, we realized we were out of money after they gave us the bill. We went to my folks’ house, got funds, and drove toward Denny’s and said, ‘Thank you very much!'” she revealed. “I had kept the wallet there as collateral.”

Savage “ghosted” Fishel and her other costars, Rider Armstrong and Will Friedle, several years ago, but they don’t see much of him these days.

Shortly after her son’s 2019 birth, he “just kind of departed from our lives,” Fishel told Variety.

Considering that the actor was in the NICU while Fishel gave birth, it was really shocking. “Especially at that point in time, everyone was just so tight. He was keeping me informed on a daily basis,” she stated.

Rider Strong, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fischel at 90s Con 2024. Shirley Ann and Switcherstock

“I still wish to understand why he vanished,” Friedle, 47, said to the publication. None of us got into a fight. No one is falling out. Anger was nonexistent. He simply decided one day when he woke up that he no longer wanted this person in his life.”

Fishel remarked, “I am forever in love with Ben and desire the best for him, even though we may be estranged and have disagreements about each other.” Despite their ongoing distance. Though time will tell, I don’t think our narrative is over.

The alleged “ghosting” occurred after Savage told PEOPLE that working alongside Fishel again was a pleasant experience since it truly felt like being with family, following the reunion of the previous onscreen couple for a 2021 Pan Era Bread ad. And in this industry, it’s rare to have the chance to collaborate with people you grew up with.


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