Co-godmothers for the Ascent have been chosen by Celebrity Cruises


Sandy Yawn and her sister Michelle Dunham have been chosen as the co-godmothers of the Celebrity Ascent, according to Celebrity Cruises.

Yawn is most well-known for being a cast member of the Bravo reality TV program “Below Deck.” The Jacksonville School for Autism was co-founded by Dunham.

Yawn plays a skipper of a yacht in “Below Deck.” She overcame a potentially fatal accident, cancer, and addiction issues before beginning her career in the yachting sector. Laura Hodges Bethge, the president of Celebrity Cruises, described her life as “one of resilience, leadership, and strength as a pioneer in the maritime industry and as an inspirational role model for young women.”

Dunham, according to Bethge, is a “tireless advocate for children with autism and shows us what is possible when you follow your vision for a better world.” Along with her husband Mark, she started the Jacksonville School for Autism.

The sisters will christen the Ascent on Dec. 1 during the naming ceremony. On December 3, The Ascent will embark on its inaugural journey from Fort Lauderdale.


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