Chris Harrison is appreciative. “I Had to Remove Myself from That Toxic Situation,” he said when he left The Bachelor


In an interview with the ‘Trading Secrets’ podcast, the former host described his tenure on the show as a “blessing and a curse”.

Chris Harrison is filled with appreciation as he reflects on his time as The Bachelor.

The 52-year-old Harrison helmed the reality television dating contest series for 19 years before leaving the show in February 2021 due to criticism he received for standing up to the racist past of season 25 contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. That September, Jesse Palmer was announced as the new host.

In the most recent episode of the Trade Secrets podcast, which is stored by The Bachelorette alum Jason Tartick, the TV personality described his time on the show as a “blessing and a curse”.

“The performance was a boon,” Harrison declared. “I continue to see this as a gift in my life. It was difficult at first, of course, and I didn’t feel good about anything right away because of the turbulent experiences I had. I hope that doesn’t happen to anyone.”

The blowback, he said, was “horrifying at a lot of levels” and “a thing that I pray to God that my greatest foe never goes through.”

But having said that, he went on, “I knew I had to get out of what turned into a very toxic circumstance, and I did, which was a very difficult situation.” Harrison stated that even though he thought the situation could have been resolved in the long run, he was aware that he needed to “remove” himself off “toxic situation.”

“I’m pleased with that choice. He remarked, “I’m glad I managed it the way that I did and I still see it as a blessing since it had such a profound impact on my life. Naturally, in terms of money. My life was altered by it. It altered my children’s life.”

Harrison gave the example of the way the franchise had given him wonderful friends at his November wedding to Lauren Zima, which was seen by a large number of Bachelor Nation alumni.

It was auspicious. It altered my life, but I am also happy that I am no longer here. It wasn’t a healthy relationship, so I don’t need to be in it anymore,” he declared.

Harrison told Tartick, 35, that “it’s impossible in this business,” referencing the popularity of dating shows, even though he had stated he wouldn’t be returning to the brand.

“After I left, people began to try their hand at becoming the champion, and they were successful. As a result, there is now competition, and shows are in the public eye, being discussed and receiving coverage that we once did. Once more, it’s difficult to exist without those viewers because they’ll talk about other shows,” he continued.


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