Celebrating six years sober, Jessica Simpson says, “I Have My Personal Strength”


With a picture of herself before adopting sober, the singer said, “I had so much discovering oneself to unlock and explore.”

Jessica Simpson is commemorating her most recent sobriety achievement.

Simpson, 43, celebrated six years sober this month. The mom with three kids marked the occasion with a Story on Instagram on Thursday that included a link to a post from November 1, 2021, with a picture of Simpson from November 1, 2017.

“Six years prior,” Simpson penned.

Celebrating the singer’s fourth sober anniversary, the original post was made. In the picture, the Dukes of Hazzard actress is seated with a sunbeam illuminating her face as she looks away from the camera.

“This is a completely different version of myself from early November 1, 2017.” I had so much to learn about and understand about myself,” Simpson said as the post’s caption.

She continued, saying that in order to accomplish those goals, she had to give up alcohol. “I realized in right now I would enable myself to turn back my brightness, declare win over my own battle of self-worth and but brave the world with piercing clarity,” she said.

Simpson said, “The drinking wasn’t the issue,” in the caption. I did. I had no affection for myself. I had no regard for my own authority.After four years on her quest, she was happy that she could now live with her concerns.

In 2021, she declared, “I own my own personal sovereignty with soulful courage.” I am frank to the point of being comfortable. I am unbound.

Today, Simpson shared a picture of herself and her daughter, Maxi Drew, on Instagram in addition to her Instagram Story. She wrote, “Today, choose kindness for you cannot predict how much another might need it 💚💚💚.”

When Simpson commemorated her five years sober last year, she said, “I can accomplish nearly anything that I set my mind to.” I’m here now. I’m incredibly motivated. I’m not giving up. I’m sincere. I have empathy for other individuals.

She persisted in urging people to stay true to who they are and never give up on themselves. “So far, in this hectic life, it has worked for me. Nothing and no one can take away my happiness. You might be very near, but it is entirely mine. And so should yours,” Simpson said in closing.

Simpson described the moment she realized she needed to reduce her alcohol use in her 2020 memoir Open Book. She disclosed that she passed out at a Halloween party after having a few drinks, making it impossible for her to dress her children, Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, who was 11, Ace Knute, 10, and Birdie Mae, 4.

When Simpson said that at the time, “I was frightened of allowing them see me in that form,” “I am sad to say that I actually am unaware of who got them into costumes that night.”

She took one Ambien that night to assist her fall asleep. She writes, “I slept in, afraid to see them, afraid I had failed them,” the following morning. I drank after hiding till they had left.”

When Simpson’s close friends arrived, she said to them, “I have to stop. There must be an end to this. And I give up if drinking is the cause of this and making it worse.”


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