Casting Beyoncé in The Color Purple “Wasn’t Even a Negotiation,” according to Oprah Winfrey


“Everyone wanted us for bringing Beyoncé once the film moves to $90 to $100 million,” she stated.

Oprah Winfrey talks about some of the challenges she had while working on the recently released musical version of The Color Purple.

In a Tuesday conversation wit The Hollywood Reporter, the 69-year-old star discussed how expectations rose along with the budget for her next movie.

Starring in the upcoming picture as producer, Winfrey said to the site, “To be completely open bout it, if you were to produce this film for $30 or forty million dollars, the enthusiasm in the cast is going to be very different.”

“Everyone expects us to have Beyoncé once the film moves to $90 to $100 million,” she remarked.

The former talk show host on television clarified that although some well-known figures are obviously gifted so are others.

“Is Rihanna or Beyoncé more your style? As we sit in a room, we declare our love for Beyoncé. Although we adore Rihanna, Winfrey remarked, “There are additional actors who can carry off this role.”

“It wasn’t even a negotiating, because you’re not getting Beyoncé,” she said, despite the fact that many had told her that the 42-year-old artist of Renaissance: A Film would “be busy this year.”

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel was the basis for the original Oscar-nominated film starring Selma, but Jones and Spielberg also produced the film. At times, the actress acknowledged, they had to ask Warners Bros. for financial support to make sure they produced a worthy end product.

“It is my opinion that Pam [Abdy] and Mike De Luca, the co-chairs of Warner Bros., truly understood the film from the moment they watched it and heard me, Steven, and the team when we said, ‘This is responsible why this has to be done,'” she stated to The Hollywood Reporter. “You have given us more funding to accomplish this because, in a sense, this is a culture manifesto for our community, which deserves the support required to become everything it needs to be.”

Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, and Fantasia Barrino joined Winfrey in the Hollywood Reporter discussion.

Henson, 53, was aware of the shortcomings in the first movie even with its popularity. She informed the publication, “Culturally, the first movie missed.” We don’t linger in the mire. We move past our traumas and move on. We dance, sing, laugh, go to church, rejoice, struggle for joy, discover joy, and hold onto it. All we have is that.”

An audience will notice how “different” the new movie is from the “first frame,” according to the Empire alum. “There is a difference in colors. It is vivid, brilliant, and light. She said to The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s us.”

The movie also stars Halle Bailey, Jon Batiste, Corey Hawkins, David Alan Grier, Colman Domingo, Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, H.E.R., Ciara, and Deon Cole. It is a rendition of the Broadway musical that won a Tony Award in 2005.

On December 25, The Color Purple will open in theaters.


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