By giving hundreds of cards and friendship bracelets, Swifties assist mom in making her daughter’s birthday special


Sarah Blanks talked about how Taylor Swift’s global fan base brightened her daughter Abby’s difficult year.

In order to delight her child Abby on her 13th birthday, Sarah Blanks enlisted Swifties.

Sarah had a particularly difficult year, so when their mutual love of Taylor Swift strengthened their mother-daughter bond, Sarah made a public appeal for assistance in hope of making the occasion extra special.

Sarah explained to WTVR, “She had been going on the same thing I was — grief, friendships, friend struggles, your know, it’s all portrayed in her music,” before revealing how she stoked their affection for the Grammy-winning musician.

“I think the first song I ever shared with my daughter was ‘Shake it Off,’ which was released in 2014.” She remembered that she was four. “And she would merely dance so shake she off in the driver’s seat and that’s been merely a love story ever since then.”

Abby told the source that as she’s gotten older and more mature, she’s come to relate to the songs of the Anti-Hero singer. Abby is now in her teens.

“I am just feeling like as growing older, I can go back to listen to all of her music she made back when she was having difficulty on the same problems that I am now,” she exclaimed.

Sarah added that the “struggles during the previous year” motivated her to seek out to strangers online, recognizing the “hard” times that teenagers her age can face. “All I wanted was to give her the best 13th birthday.”

The devoted mother was taken aback to receive over 250 cards from all over the world, since she had only anticipated receiving 20.

“I didn’t believe the cards were, you know, real cards. After that, I began to open several, and to my surprise, they were real cards from individuals all around the world. Abby remarked, “I was simply blown away. Their fellow Swifties also included trinkets like friendship necklaces and jars filled with Swift’s lyrics.

“It just goes to show that people don’t really need to know you to care about you,” she exclaimed.

Sarah went on, “Even when you think about it has made me cry several times. It’s true that I’ve had trouble finding a supportive group, and I also know that it can be challenging for teenagers to find a network. Thus, I believe it’s critical to be able to demonstrate to her what it looks like.”


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