Burton, Hilary She Said It As ‘a Pleasure’ to Let Her Hair Grow Gray So Younger


The 41-year-old former “One Tree Hill” star claimed she is “growing all of this out.”

I adore Hilarie Burton Morgan’s gray hair.

On the television program The View on Thursday, the 41-year-old former cast member of One Tree Hill said that she is “growing it all out.” Joy Behar has been the show’s co-host for many years.

When you’re a young drama actress, there’s a strange expectation that you’ll always be 17 years old, she added. “And I wasn’t always fond of my younger years. In my early years, I had to deal with some dark issues. I found the notion that you can advance and eventually become the irritable person in the room interesting.

Burton Morgan previously spoke to Cnn regarding her graying hair becoming such a hot topic, expressing similar thoughts to what she shared on The View. Burton Morgan was touting her memoir, Grimoire Girl: Crafting a Generation of Magic and Mischief, which was released on Tuesday.

Isn’t that strange? In answer to the haircut become a popular online fad, she questioned. “Look, I started working in TV the instant I finished from high school. My entire youth has been given to other people. I was never really appreciated as a kid, therefore why would I want to hold on to that? And there’s something extremely fulfilling for me to simply say, “f—- it,” and let my hair turn gray.

A Walking Dead star tells PEOPLE, “I think people place so much stress on being young forever. “But the moment I decided I wouldn’t follow those restrictions any longer, discovered a lot more fulfillment, respect, success, and happiness. To kind of scoff in that direction feels fantastic. My husband is a silver fox as well. He never had anyone question his graying. So whenever I see anyone creating an issue of significance out of it, I do chuckle at it.


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