Beverley Mitchell says that during the 90s Con Weekend, Jessica Biel and the cast of 7th Heaven were essentially reunited


At 90s Con in Connecticut, most of the actors of “7th Heaven” got together to share memories of their popular show.

Beverly Mitchell and Jessica Biel (on the left). JOHN SALANGSANG/SHUTTERSTOCK PHOTO

The Camdens have reconnected!

Star of 7th Heaven Beverley Mitchell posted a picture of herself and some of the former cast colleagues getting back together for the 90s Con at Hartford, Conn., on Instagram on Friday.

In a comedy featuring an ordained minister and his wife struggling to raise their children at different phases of life while also leading a congregation, Mitchell, 43, portrayed middle daughter Lucy Camden. The program aired during 1996 until 2007 for 11 seasons.

David Gallagher and Beverly Mitchell in a joint photo in the 1990s Con. MITCHELL/INSTAGRAM BEVERLEY

Pictures showed Mitchell and actor Catherine Hicks, the who portrayed her mother Annie, were included in the post. Informally taken pictures with David Gallagher, Barry Watson, and Mackenzie Rosman, who portrayed middle child Simon, eldest son Matt, and baby daughter Ruthie, respectively.

The twins Giovanni plus Nikolas Brino, who portrayed the youngest kids Sam and David, Jessica Biel, whose played their oldest girl Mary, and Stephen Collins, whom played Pastor Eric Camden, were not present during the reunion.

‘7th Heaven’ stars reunite at the 90s Con. Beverly Mitchell/Instagram

Biel, 42, who husband, Justin Timberlake, just released an album on Friday, was unable to attend 90s Con, but she was essentially united with her former castmates through the description of her post, according to Mitchell.

I am so appreciative of these bizarre people I call family! Mitchell’s post said, “To say what this was necessary is an understatement. My soul is full because we am extremely fortunate to adore and joke with them.” We appreciate you gathering us for #90scon, @thats4ent. I adore you, Catherine Hicks, David Gallagher, Mackrosman, and @realbarrywatson.

The uploaded celebrity went on: “We had a FaceTime with @jessicabiel.” Within this group, there is an abundance of love.

In “7th Heaven,” from left, are Beverley Mitchell, Jessica Biel, David Gallagher, and Mackenzie Rosman. Spelling production by Jerry Wolfe and Courtesy Everett Collection

Small reunion with cast members had already occurred for Biel, who departed the program as an ongoing mainstay in the season 5 finale in 2000.

At the 2020 premiere for Cruel Season 2, which she executive produced, she reconnected with Mitchell. They got back together again in 2023.

Based on photos posted to Mitchell’s Instagram, all three London siblings last appeared together in public in 2017.


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