Bella Hadid Talks About Leaving the “Fake Face” and Releasing Herself From Modeling


The supermodel previously spoke about her battles with Lyme illness and mental health issues.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is being open about her reasons for choosing to break away from modeling.

The model and businessman recently discussed her resolve to focus on her physical and mental health during the past year in an interview with Allure magazine. She has previously been candid about her battles with Lyme illness and mental health issues.

“After ten years of simulation, I came to the realization that I was investing a lot of love, energy, and effort into an activity that wasn’t necessarily returning the favor,” the model stated.

Over the past ten years, Hadid has gained international recognition as a model, having modeled for high-end labels like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and more. She has also been on numerous international Vogue covers.

In an effort to begin a fresh chapter with her pals and “partner,” Adan Banuelos, she also recently relocated to Texas. The model called this new phase of her life with her close friends and family the “best time,” adding that she doesn’t ever feel like she has to put in “too much” effort to go out.

This is the first time I’m not wearing a mask. I won’t go if I don’t feel well. When I’m not feeling well, I give myself some time. And I’ve never had the chance to express or do it before,” Hadid remarked. I now truly am glad when someone remarks that I appear joyful in photos. My poor days have turned into my old good days, and I am feeling better.

Bella Hadid

Although Hadid usually keeps her personal life very quiet, she opened up about her battle with Lyme illness on Instagram in August of last year, saying that she was “finally healthy” after fighting health problems for years.

The cosmos operates in the most exquisite and agonizing ways, but if you are having difficulties, things will get better. I swear. She said at the time, “Take a step away, remain powerful, maintain trust in your path, march in your truth, and the fog will start to clear.” I am extremely grateful for my current outlook on life. I believe that my 100+ days with Lyme, chronic illness, co-infection therapy, and nearly 15 years of unnoticed suffering were all worthwhile if it meant that, God willing, I would live a lifetime of sharing love and, at some point in my life, be able to be who I truly am.


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