Being a mother to her teenage daughter Krishna, Padma Lakshmi says, “I’m Strict About Some Things!” (Private)


Krishna, 14, has been accompanying her mother at ceremonies on the red carpet and on social media.

Padma Lakshmi and Krishna, her daughter.

Padma Lakshmi is attempting to strike a balance between being a cautious mother and keeping her young son Krishna in the spotlight.

At the Gold Banquet in the Los Angeles area last Saturday, May 11, PEOPLE had the opportunity to interview the 53-year-old cookbook author and former Top Chef host. She was recognized as a Gold Legendary her her services to the music and gourmet industries. In addition, she co-directed the gala’s food program alongside restaurateur Roni Mazumdar.

Following her successful 17-year tenure on the Bravo cooking competition, Lakshmi has pursued other interests such as comedy sketches and online networking.

Padma has been gradually bringing Krisha, 14, in the public eye on Instagram and TikTok. Filmed in the kitchen or on the family couch, their chats cover everything from the viral age dare to deciphering adolescent lingo.

“I believe that every parent can relate to what we are undertaking,” Lakshmi said in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE during the Gold Gala.

It wasn’t a deliberate action. We were just chatting like that while lounging on the couch. This is hilarious, she said. ‘Let’s film it,’ I said, and we proceeded to cut it apart. This is merely a test. Observing your kids develop and mature into the people they will become is enjoyable.

Lakshmi acknowledged that she is occasionally taken aback by Krishna’s frank responses.

She remarked, “She had lots of opinions.” She’s not that different from most teenagers, in my opinion; maybe a little more precocious.

On January 15, 2024, Padma Lakshmi and her daughter Krishna attended the 75th Emmy Awards.

While Krishna appears on Lakshmi’s social media accounts, her daughter does not have her own, Lakshmi continued. She remarked, “She’ll be in trouble if she’s on the internet, at least one that I know of.”

Lakshmi acknowledged that while she is fourteen, there are some things she is strict about and others that she could probably be more rigorous about, like bedtime.

She then on, “But I was really strict about making sure she had a very healthy diet for the first five or six years of her childhood, and I won’t tolerate it if she acts disrespectfully toward adults.” She doesn’t act in a disrespectful manner, but that’s how our Asian culture comes through in instances like that – honoring our customs of removing your shoes before entering the house and addressing elders as uncle and auntie.

Prior to this, Lakshmi told PEOPLE that she “struggled” with the amount of attention Krishna received.

Although Krishna has accompanied her mother on red carpet events in recent years, such as the January Primetime Emmy Awards and the May screening of Lakshmi’s cooking program Taste the Nation, she has remained mainly hidden from public view since her birth.

Lakshmi had an intermittent romantic connection with Adam Dell, the father of Krisha, spanning from 2009 until 2021. Initially, Lakshmi refrained from disclosing Krishna’s paternity because she considered the media conjecture on his father to be “mortifying.”

Padma Lakshmi on May 11, 2024, at the Third Annual Gold Gala

In 2021, she reminisced on PEOPLE’s Me Become Mom podcast, “It was definitely creepy when the mainstream media started spying around in different countries—not just America, however in India, England, and Australia.”

Krishna continued to make sporadic public appearances as she got older, and as Dell is Jewish, she eventually appeared in a Taste the Nation Hanukkah episode.

Krishna also missed her mother’s award ceremony on Saturday, but the two got back together on Mother’s Day. About their plans, Lakshmi stated, “We are going to spend a very laid-back mother’s day at our house to sleep and hang around her.”


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