‘Bad for You’ by Ashley Ryan is Inspired by expertise: ‘One Heartbreak Can Write 100 Songs’ (excluding)


About treatment, the country music artist jokes, “Why cover that?” “Just call up people you know to compose a song”

Ashley Ryan was born and raised in California.

Ryan, 25, recalls tells PEOPLE in an upcoming interview that it was there that you could find myself in my bedroom simply creating songs on the high school man who shattered my heart, screaming in my comb into the mirror, and acting like Carrie Underwood. I was a huge music fan. I cherished singing. I cherished giving performances.

However, it was a love which appeared to emerge after Ryan’s brother passed away unexpectedly. Ryan murmurs, “He died when I turned 7 years old.” “Type 1 diabetes claimed his life while he slept. Writing has since evolved into a coping mechanism for pain.”

Ryan had no idea, though, that there would be more suffering.

Ryan says, “I think there’s an association when it pertains to my writing style because my father had trouble with alcoholism and other issues,” adding that the song “Hush Little Baby,” which went viral last year and received over 12 million views on Facebook and TikTok and over two million streams in Spotify alone, is a testament to that. Songs like “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood and “Gunpower & Lead” by Miranda Lambert, which depict women taking revenge on men who have ignored them, almost draw me in.

And at her Nashville home, she has managed to live with that constant ache in her heart for the last seven years. Ryan, who originally gained notoriety as a musician while attending Belmont University, says, “I’ve seen plenty of women from relationships that are abusive or just fathers who are absent tell me their story.” In 2018, Ryan accepted Keith Urban’s invitation to perform at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. It’s quite remarkable to witness how something I wrote primarily for my own healing from past hurts can now benefit others.

Consider the angry song “Bad for You.”

Ryan adds of her new song, “Bad for You,” which will only be available on PEOPLE, “It’s about an individual who really shattered my heart a couple of years ago.” Ryan penned the song with Larry McCoy & Neil Coty. Indeed, what they claim is accurate. A single broken heart can inspire a hundred songs.

Ryan won’t give names when talking about the man who served as the inspiration for Bad for You, although she can say that he had green eyes—the exact color Ryan sings about in the song’s bridge.

Ryan says, “I’ll honor the individual enough not to reveal who it is.” Ryan also says that her latest EP, Too Far Gone, is out this Friday. However, many who experience heartbreak choose not to seek treatment because doing so would be costly. Just get your friends together and pen a song. The emotions of the moment shape it into a story.

But that feeling was so last year.

Ryan says, “I refrain from listening to sad music when I’m sad.” She also tidily notes that she isn’t dating right now. I should play a catchy music that will make me feel better. And I hope that for other people, “Bad for You” is that kind of song. It reveals a new aspect of me that I find incredibly appealing.


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