Audra Mari and Josh Duhamel Welcome Their First Child Together


A picture of Shepherd Lawrence Duhamel’s feet was posted by the couple about a week after the infant was born.

Shepherd Lawrence Duhamel is the new little bundle of joy for Josh Duhamel & Audra Mari.

The 50-year-old Transformers actor and his spouse verified the information on Instagram by sharing a picture of their infant’s feet.

The couple announced in the caption of their image that their kid was born on January 11.

Duhamel shares his 10-year-old son Axl with his former partner Fergie. When the actor’s son learned he would be a big brother, he responded in a cute way. “He asks himself, ‘Allow, today am I able to be — You’re going to be fond of me, too, obviously?'” In an exclusive conversation with Parade, Duhamel revealed.

Naturally, I knew that I would still adore you. He responds, “Yet I nevertheless continuing to be you first son,” You’re indeed always the firstborn son, I say to myself. The actor from Shotgun Wedding said.

He is a very kind young man. The father exclaimed, “And he loves babies.” At his age, I was exactly the same way. I simply possess a deep passion for infants. They have a certain quality. He also does a great job with smaller children. Thus, I believe he will make an excellent bigger brother.

Duhamel discussed the couple’s future goals in a clip from his earlier this year interview on In Depth w Graham Bensinger. He married Mari in September of 2022.

Josh retorted, “That had been when I was much younger,” in response to Bensinger’s statement stating that the actor’s sister Ashlee Duhamel had mentioned that Josh had always desired to have up to nine children.

The age issue doesn’t usually come up in conversation, but Mari noted that it most definitely does when talking about having children. If he were 40 years old right now, I genuinely think he might have five more children. Most likely, it is. However, we will undoubtedly have a few. With God’s blessing, hopefully.

“That is the optimism,” Josh continued.


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