At the Grammy Awards afterparty, Paris Jackson reveals a few of her tattoos that she had covered up on the red carpet


The ‘Swarm’ actress dramatically altered her appearance on the biggest night in music history.

Many people gave Paris Jackson’s 2024 Grammys look a second look!

The 25-year-old performer looked notably different on Sunday when he came at the is stadium in Los Angeles for this year’s Grammy Awards.

With more than 80 tattoos adorning her body, the Swarm actress walked onto the carpet without revealing a single one. And it wasn’t because of what she was wearing; Jackson wore a sleeveless, off-the-shoulder black gown with a split thigh that showed off her midriff.

Then, where was all of her ink?

The late Michael Jackson’s daughter briefly altered her appearance with cosmetics from the Cover FX line. Her final designs were back just a few hours later!

She visited the Grammy Awards afterparty hosted by Universal Music Group after the yearly ceremony, and as if by magic, her body art reappeared.

Paris wore an overcoat with an unbuttoned cheetah design as she posed for pictures at the occasion. A multicolored ink-trailing mesh cropped corset, visible from between the breasts to just below her navel, was hidden behind the winter jacket.

She accessorized her after-party ensemble with over-the-knee boots and a miniskirt made entirely of black.

Furthermore, Paris has (briefly) broken up with her body art before, even before the Grammy Awards!

The actress from American Horror Stories had almost fifty tattoos in 2018, but she covered them all up for an L.A. picture session.

On set, she was seen wearing a red velvet dress that exposed her shoulders, black combat boots, and round sunglasses as she strolled between trailers. She had pulled her blond hair back into a short ponytail.

Paris has been transparent about the personal significance of several of the designs over the years.

As a memorial to her father, she had the term “Applehead” inked onto her left foot in June 2017. She and those who were close to the “Thriller” hitmaker would refer to him by this endearing nickname.

Paris wrote in cursive at the top of her foot, “With every move I take, you lift my lower leg and guide me forward,” as the description for an Instagram photo of the tattoo. “I cherish you.”

In August 2022, she disclosed in a PEOPLE interview that her very first tattoo was a foolish one.

It’s an extraterrestrial that’s on my breast, and she revealed that it was one she acquired on her own volition when her age younger.

She remarked of her expanding collection, “It’s sort of fascinating how they all are; I’ve done some of my own.”

Among the tattoos she self-inked is one she had done during the 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

She shared a picture of herself tattooing her foot on Instagram at the time, concentrating on creating the squiggle form beneath her right pink toe. On her Instagram Story, she also posted a short clip featuring a close-up of the recently inked design.

Paris also demonstrated an intriguing technique: with her free hand, she held her skin taut as the needle went up her foot, giving the impression that she was very comfortable doing her work.


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