At Or Bar, where it first started in 1997 at the Gold Coast Bar, the WeHo Red Costume Party is beginning


The Red Dress Party is happening again at 8228 on Santa Monica Boulevard this year. This year’s Red Costume Party Day, which has been renamed, will officially begin at Or Bar, the former location of Gold Coast Bar, where the annual Red Dress Fiesta first began in 1997 and lasted for 23 years.

On September 24th, Or Bar will be hosting the official kickoff party, according to a post on its official Instagram page that reads, “Our First Red Costume Event! #orbarweho #reddressparty.”

The City of West Hollywood’s Rainbow District, which includes participating businesses, and a charity group called the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are sponsoring this year’s 2nd Annual Red Dress Party Day.

leading the fundraising efforts for the occasion.

The event’s organizers have asked the City to co-sponsor this year’s event as part of their sponsorship package.

to help communication efforts to advance the 2023 Red Dress Party Day’s

give one of the companies taking part a remission of the City’s permit fees,

At the intersection of Larrabee and Santa Monica Boulevard sits Revolver. The Revolver

one of the main venues for the event this year, with plenty of photo opportunities.

chances to draw attention to the stunning red outfits worn by the guests and hosts to represent

West Hollywood’s most famous day.

Red Costume Party Day establishes a designated day for the purpose of raising awareness of HIV and AIDS.

population to commemorate life and educate people about the continued risk of HIV infections. Moreover,

Funds raised by this event will go to a local non-profit organization that supports people living with HIV and AIDS.

According to legend, Mark Ferguson and Yves-Claude, bartenders at West Hollywood’s Gold Coast Bar, invented the Red Dress Party event. Both Mark Ferguson and Yves-Claude had HIV, so they formed a pact that whichever of them died first, the other would attend the funeral wearing a red gown. Tragically, Mark passed away first, and because Yves-Claude was out of town, he was unable to attend his memorial. Bob Hastings, the proprietor of the Gold Coast Cocktail Bar at the time, had the concept to organize an occasion and ask everybody to wear a red dress in remembrance of Mark when YvesClaude returned

In 1997, Gold Coast Bar hosted the first Red Dress Party event.

earnings go to community organizations fighting HIV & AIDS.

Since the first event at Gold Coast Bar had a significant impact, it has continued to be held there every year for the past 23 years. A few years after the first event, Yves-Claude died from AIDS-related complications. Yves-Claude was able to witness firsthand how the Red Dress Party Day affected the community by raising awareness of HIV and AIDS and providing groups fighting this disease with much-needed help and funding.

The Red Dress Club Day wasn’t held in 2020 or 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. The Los Angeles-based Ladies of Mary Indulgence coordinated the 2022 occasion, and 11 companies took part. The event earned more than $10,000 for Life Group LA and Staying Alive, two nonprofit groups that promote wellness for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Sisters of Eternal Immaculate in Los Angeles are dedicated to social engagement, community service, and spiritual growth. The Angeles-based Sisters of Immaculate Indulgence’s other goals include improving understanding of homosexual spirituality and fostering community cohesion through drag activism and fund-raising for local charity.


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