At an upcoming shoe pop-up, the D’Amelio family discusses the advantages and disadvantages of working together


To the D’Amelio Shoes pop-up at L.A.’s The Grove, the family of four, which includes popular children Dixie & Charli and dad Hilda & Marc, sat with THR to discuss sneakers, snacks, and the internet.

The D’Amelios were widely recognized for their enormous internet fanbase; Charli, 19, was once one of the top stars of TikTok and currently has a fanbase of over 150 million; they are currently experimenting into reality for their initial significant branding pop-up. D’Amelio Footwear debuted in May solely as an online retailer under the D’Amelio Companies umbrellas, but for the entire month of October they have temporarily opened a store at L.A.’s hottest shopping destination, The Grove. recently The Hollywood Reporter’s reporter swung by on a group conversation with grandparents Hilda and Marc and celebrity daughters Dixie and Charli to discuss the lessons they have already learned from working in the footwear industry, how to turn followers into customers, and other topics.

Above us, an audience is beginning to gather. Can you two travel to The Grove by yourselves?

Dixie: I think we can because there are so lots of individuals here in the day and so much activity. It may become chaotic when there are many children or younger adults around, but generally speaking, things are not too awful. When a queue for a huge dog formed here the other day, we said, “Oh yeah, Fine.” Everyone was essentially doing what they wanted to do.

A genuine a dog, Charli?

Dixie: It was indeed very large. There was really a large queue of people waiting to view it.

You officially established D’Amelio Shoes a month ago. What is the most significant point you have yet discovered about the shoes industry?

How difficult it must be to make plans and think so far ahead. It’s wonderful, but the hardest thing now is waiting for [that is, the shoes] to release. I can hardly contain my excitement for what is now available, for the springtime, and for the upcoming year. I adore working in the footwear industry. Although it’s new to us and thrilling, we’re still acquiring knowledge and I think so far we’re holding our own.

We had discovered, for example, that clients and fans are not the same thing. The work must be done by you. We’re trying things similar [pop-up] for that reason. Finding something fresh that they adore on an online store that already sells shoes can be challenging for visitors. Customers want to have the able to test the goods on and feel it. A game-changer, that.

How can you turn fans into buyers?

We’re fortunate to have a fantastic team that has all worked in the industry to support us. Twenty years have passed since the head of design for shoes joined the company. The manufacturing manager is fully aware of every step that must be taken to guarantee that the product is comfortable to use. There are some things we can offer guidance on; the girls are wonderful at offering input on fashion and developments, but eventually, we required a talented team to really produce a shoe. We have done this, and it’s started to pay off for us.

The authenticity of interacting with those you serve on social media may also fall under the category of ensuring that sure everything fits and feels appropriate. How do you go about promoting the company you run?

You won’t have any trouble marketing your products if you create something that you genuinely adore and desire wear every single day. I believe that is the most straightforward and genuine thing to do. We are extremely fortunate to be able to envisage any pair of shoes and actually be able to create them, wear them, and hold them. Developing an idea or believed watching it come to life, and then getting to wear it on the human body are all incredibly amazing experiences.

Dixie, which was what is up with you? Over the course of the last several decades, your wardrobe has taken on a few different guises, and people pay attention to what you are wear. What recommendations did you make for the items and style?

Dixie: I definitely have a new idea of what I want each time we have an architecture discussion. It’s great because I can switch up the shoes and they’ll try something different and say, “Oh, I like that.” Occasionally, I say, “Oh no.” But later, I understand it and I fall in like. the enormous sparkling boot with sequins. It is very adorable. It’s enjoyable to experiment and design clothes round sneakers. No rules apply.

How can the public anticipate from the couple Sneakers going forward?

Marc: Since the additional price points will attract customers and enable us to provide a wider variety of sneakers, we are enthusiastic about them.

either a greater or lower pricing point?

Marc: Our customer base is more youthful so we want to be confident that we have something to offer them on whatever purchasing level. We’re aiming for a sneaker that costs $60, so we’ll see that we can get there, but we’re already quite close.

I saw that D’Amelio Brand is getting ready to branch out into food in addition to shoes.

Yes, Marc—that’s what we’re doing right now. With a significant, well-known global retailer, we developed a snack business that we will debut in late October. The the couple brands are the parent company of this whole interesting situation. I started doing that to free Lucy and Dixie up from that reliance while also creating a foundation upon which we could all stand. Hopefully the business will continue after we decide to pursue other avenues that are unrelated to social media.

What do you two think of that decision, which can lessen the emphasis on your social legacies while creating a family-owned business, in general?

It’s fantastic. Additionally, it’s fantastic for our family bond. Nobody has ever told you, “You must publish this,” or “You ought to do that.” However, if we all continue to refrain from doing that, we will continue to collaborate admirably in order to grow all of the brands.

Which is the most rewarding aspect of running a family company, and what is the most difficult?

Dixie: You can find so many excellent things that it is difficult to single out one as the finest. It’s a lot of fun. We all get along, and it has bonded us. We don’t have the normal parent-child connection because it seems strange to have both of your parents accept your counsel and listen to what you have to say.

Conferences are not her favorite thing.

Dixie: We will have a lot of them, and they are all basically going to be exactly the same stuff. But I am aware that conversations are essential.

Marc: We don’t believe you truly believe they are required.

Charli: The conversation may have been conducted by email. Potentially, it was an email.

Marc: Let me share with you something fantastic, specifically for them. Usually they have little artistic control over sponsorship arrangements. They are completely free to make judgments in this business and in the other firms we own, and I will listen to them. Heidi will also listen to them. We believe them. Charli used to tell me after she returned from meetings: “Dad, they don’t get it.” I can still remember that. They are aware of our availability and their understanding. We want them to share their knowledge and thoughts with us. One of the best aspects of family members partnership is that.


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