Asking her 13-year-old daughter Bryn about her first kiss and crushes, Bethenny Frankel “Be Truthful”


Bryn stated on the most recent installment of her mother’s podcast, “Just B with Bethenny Frankel,” that it happened during a bat mitzvah or at a friend’s house.

Bryn with her daughter Bethenny Frankel. PICTURE: INSTAGRAM/BETHENNY FRANKEL

Bryn Hoppy, the daughter of Bethenny Frankel, opens up about the first time they kiss!

The 13-year-old disclosed that she had the unique experience at a bat mitzvah during an appearance on the most recent episode of her mother’s podcast, Only B with Bethenny Frankel.

She stated it was at my friends’ house or at a bat mitzvah.

“Yeah,” her daughter said when Frankel asked if it was memorable, adding that it was also that person’s first kiss. When the TV personality inquired about their friendship, Bryn replied, “Kind of.”

Alright, so do you currently have any crushes? Frankel asked, “Be honest.”

Frankel responded that Bryn and her pals are currently in a “boy-free” along with “crush-free” environment after Bryn said no.

The adolescent, who She shares alongside her previous spouse Jason Hoppy, had her podcast debut in June 2021, helping to interview Griffin Johnson, a popular TikTok user.

In December 2023, Bethenny Frankel and her daughter Bryn were in New York City. FILMMAGIC/TAYLOR HILL

Frankel called her her “little peanut” and “cohost” in the caption of a cute picture she had posted on Instagram at the time of the two sitting in a radio studio wearing matching white sweaters.

As an excellent parent is the ex- Housewives of the Big Apple City star’s greatest responsibility, she stated in a birthday message to Bryn last May.

Frankel posted on Instagram, “I might be working hard in business, but nothing is more important to me than becoming a mom of this delicious lovely baby girl of mine.”

She is flawless, but everyone’s parent rushes, and I will do my best to control myself. She is so incredibly loving, lovely, silly, grounded, and all around wonderful that I find it hard to believe. She was a good girl from birth and has never wandered. She went on, “I feel humbled to go throughout this lovely life with her. Mary has been given with just as many gifts has I have flaws.”

Bryn and Bethenny Frankel at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards. WINKELMEYER, MATT; IMAGE

Frankel wrote on Instagram in February that she missed “being a mother” to Bryn while she were absent from home.

For me, the past seven days abroad proved to be an incredibly thrilling and enjoyable new experience. When I said I did not miss the Peanut terribly, though, I would be lying. My favorite job and greatest joy is becoming a mom! Frankel tweeted, “I am eager for us to get reunited again.💗🥰.”

Right now, the two are in Australia for the “In Conversation” tour with Frankel.


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