As they obtain their marriage license, Usher claims that he wife Jenn Goicoechea have “made a decision for life together” (Exclusive)


Three days prior to the Super Bowl, Usher and Goicoechea, who have two children together, bought a formal marriage permit in Las Vegas.

Usher and his longtime partner Jenn Goicoechea are prepared to get married.

The Superbowl 2024 half show performer said why that he’s still open to the notion of marriage, and soon, in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE earlier this week.

It’s an honor and a joy to be able to live life alongside somebody who wants to spend it with you as well as loves you for what you are, he said, when you find somebody you know will make a fantastic companion.

The superstar noted that for Usher, who is 45, and Goicoechea, who were dating since 2019, the commitment to life was previously formed through their two children, son Sire Castrello and daughter Sovereign Bo.

Usher went on, “It’s clear that we’ve committed to living lifelong united due to our kids.” We could get married and it wouldn’t seem strange. Here, we have already done so. Do you understand what I mean?

And since we have much to share, we will undoubtedly remain in our shared lives until the day we pass away. That is really lovely. Our young ones. not in light of that, though. I genuinely think I have a wonderful and respected companion.

Usher also talked candidly about developing a close bond with Goicoechea at a period of personal development. He spoke of the beginning of their romance, which started when he undertook a soul-searching tour across the world in 2018, saying, “I began this journey when discovered and met a wonderful spouse who had to be a close friend of mine that was present all the time, so I thought, amazing, this might be great.”

On February 8, the singer couple Goicoechea got married in Las Vegas, just a few days after the “Yeah!” singer was scheduled to perform live at the NFL championship.

Usher has made no secret of his admiration for Goicoechea. He revealed to PEOPLE last year Off stage, Goicoechea is her biggest ally.

I have an excellent partner, an assistance system, he remarked. We have an awesome dynamic that allows me to continue being passionate about the work I do while working through a few of the more difficult moments I had as a young adult coping with kids and the dynamics of communicating with them.

In addition, Usher shares two other children with his ex-wife, Tameka, the Foster: Naviyd Ely and Usher “Cinco” V.

Super Bowl LVIII, which features the team from Kansas City against the San Francisco 49ers, will be broadcast on CBS on February 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET.


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