As everyone is shaken by this news, He Richards cries & Caitlin Wade arrives at the scene


Kyle Richards, the actress who has been married to Marcos Umansky for 27 years, is in “denial” about their marital issues in season 13 of the “Real Housewives of Beverley Hills,” and Denise Richards makes a comeback to label a Daughter “bad.”

Kyle Richard’s & Marcos Umansky’s split shocks the group in a trailer for the much awaited thirteenth season of The Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The 54-year-old actress from Halloween Ends and the 53-year-old owner of Buying Beverly Hills announced their separation from one another back in July, according to a PEOPLE exclusive. The separated couple at the time refuted rumors that they were divorcing but acknowledged having a “rough year” in their joint post shared on Instagram.

The cast members of Kyle’s new season may be seen being surprised in the trailer, which was shot following the shocking news.

I was clueless. Dorit Kemsley yells to her lover Peter “PK” Kemsley, who remembers dining with Sandro while claiming that the real estate agent from The Agency “never said that they had separated.”

Do you believe they are keeping something a secret? asks Crystal Kung Minkoff.

Even telling Garcelle Beauvais that she thinks she is “in ignorance” about the state of her marriage, Sutton Stracke confesses she thinks Kyle is “lying” about the specifics.

In an emotional exchange to Erica Girardi, Kyle says, click “Complete acquaintances are like, that you helped us trust in genuine affection and today it’s all…'”

This is pure love, Erika interjects. This marriage only has two members. Everyone else’s viewpoint is irrelevant.

Sutton noted, “Whenever I get on the internet, I hear news about people cheating. There is fire where there is smoke.

The women wonder about their relationship as Morgan Wade, a country music artist, and Kyle become closer. Sutton notes that “Kyle’s lack of a wedding band,” while Dorit queries Morgan as to why Kyle has “the initials of her name tattooed on her body.”

She inquires, “What’s going on Kyle?” but is answered with a chuckle from Kyle.

Prior to their unpleasant familial session with their girls, Mauricio and Kyle talk.

Mauricio makes light of his affair by saying, “I’m glad it’s you that is out there having an affair,” to his separated wife. “For once, it’s me.”

Kyle reassures their children that “we are an extremely solid family and we always will be” despite their separation, saying that “there’s little that could change that” as the Umansky, and family comes around to discuss current stories.

In other scenes in the teaser, familiar figures like Claire Grammer, Fay Resnick, Kim Richards, and Denise Richards make cameos, and new drama develops.

Did you realize that a bundle of a naked Denise Richards costs $7 on OnlyFans? At supper, Erika remarks, to Garcelle’s startled response.

You believe I won’t stoop to the lowest possible level? Later, the singer attacks the actress.

Denise sneers, “You’re one evil woman.”


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