Ariana DeBose: “She’s a Queen!” in response to Jamie Lee Curtis’ support following Bella Ramsey’s joke at the Critics Choice Awards. (Private)


The ‘Argylle’ star tells PEOPLE, “I think that the more happiness , the more celebrating we can bring about the better.”

Ariana DeBose is appreciative of Jamie Lee Curtis’ steadfast assistance.

The 32-year-old Oscar winner was questioned about Curtis’ response to a joke about her that went horribly wrong at the 2024 Critics Association Awards while she was walking the red carpet at the global premiere of her new film Argylle.

“I always appreciate your support, thank you,” DeBose says in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE on Wednesday. “Jamie Lee is a royalty.”

I adore award events, a West Side Story star says. They are really very dear to me. I grew up seeing them, and I really enjoy them when they highlight the positive, the season’s accomplishments, and the industry.

In all honesty, society is still suffering from the Covid pandemic, even if our business has recently emerged from a strike,” DeBose says. Therefore, I believe that the more joy and optimism we can spread, the better.

DeBose’s remarks come after the awards ceremony on January 14, during which her name was mentioned in jest while Bella Ramsey & Anthony Ramos were giving the best song award. A nomination was earned for the tune “This Wish” from DeBose’s Disney film Wish.

Reading from a teleprompter, Ramsey, 19, described the nominees, DeBose, Jack Black, and Ryan Gosling, as “participants that additionally feel to be singers”. The Academy Award-nominated star looked taken aback by the joke before cracking a smile and giggling as the camera switched to her.

“No, I didn’t find it funny,” DeBose posted on her story on Instagram following the ceremony. Haha.”

Shortly after, Curtis, 65, supported DeBose by uploading a comedy clip and many clips of DeBose performing on an Instagram Reel that has since been deleted, Variety reports.

Are you fooling me with this? The actress who portrayed all things All at Once captioned the image. Ariana DeBose embodies royalty.

DeBose and Ramsay were seen holding hands in the Emmy Awards audience the next day.

Curtis also supported DeBose’s hosting job at the 2023 BAFTA Awards. Halloween star DeBose told Tmz that online critics “must shut the f— up” regarding DeBose’s performance following her widely shared opening rhyme, in which she mentioned celebrities like Curtis, Michael Bassett, Viola Davis, and Cate Blanchett.

Curtis commented at the time, “I don’t know what the f— individuals are on about.” “It was happy, festive, sisterly, hot, spicy, and she’s so incredibly talented,” the author said.

We were all in the dark about her actions. I thus enjoyed it when they cut to us. By the point that it reached me, Curtis continued, “I was enjoying the music and had a great time.” She has amazing talent. These folks need to stop talking so much, stop acting like such jerks, and just let this amazing woman shine.


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