Alyssa Milano Responds to Allegations That She Fired Shannen Doherty for Being “Charmed”


Milano stated, “I didn’t have the authority to fire anyone,” and expressed her sadness that people couldn’t get over it.

Alyssa Milano is addressing allegations that she was the cause of Shannen Doherty’s termination from Charmed head-on.

The 51-year-old actress said she was “sad” about the firing allegations, which were aired by ex costar Rose Maria Combs on Doherty’s podcast in December 2023, during a Who’s the Boss? discussion at MegaCon Orlando on Friday.

Milano said, “I’ll just say that I’m sad.” I don’t think my sadness is truly about myself, my life, or how it affects or doesn’t effect my life. My greatest sadness is for the fans. The fact that a show which has mattered a lot to so numerous individuals has been marred by toxicity that is still present nearly a quarter of a century later saddens me the most.

Milano went on, “It bothers me that people can’t get over it.” It’s unfortunate that we can’t all just rejoice in the achievement of a performance that was really important to us all.

She called the period of her life that followed Doherty’s, 52, 2001 dismissal from the show, “hard.”

She called the period of her life that followed Doherty’s, 52, 2001 dismissal from the show, “hard.”

The Insatiable actress expressed her intention to be a healer who aids in healing others and said she hoped Combs, 50, or Doherty might join her on stage to talk about any unresolved issues.

Milano stated that she doesn’t know “how else to fix it” because she has already expressed regret for her involvement in the events that transpired on the Charmed set.

She described the scenario as “heartbreaking” and “uncomfortable,” adding that she “even wasn’t sure if I would like to put self forth further as I currently do in hopes of resolving it.”

In closing, she expressed her regret to the Charmed fans “who love us anyway,” adding that their support was helping her heal.

Milano then discussed the circumstances involving Doherty, Combs, and her on Saturday via an Instagram post.

She said in a caption for the photo that included a transcript from MegaCon, “I don’t know of any other television series that has had the success that Charmed had when the cast continues talks ill of it nearly twenty years later.”

Milano continued, saying that although an arbitrator was brought on set, she was informed that Doherty that Combs were not amenable to mediation at the time, and the conflicts between the Charmed actors were documented.

“This mediator then recommended which modifications ought to be needed if the show were to continue, after gathering evidence from cast AND crew,” the writer stated.

I didn’t have the authority to terminate anyone. She concluded the caption by expressing her gratitude for the five more successful seasons that followed Shannen’s departure and mentioning that the decision to terminate Doherty was taken by the TV studio and late TV supervisor Aaron Spelling.

Shannen Doherty on Doherty’s podcast, Let’s Be Clear. Combs claimed in December 2023 that Milano had informed her that she would no longer be collaborating with Doherty.

We did not intend to, but we’ve been driven into this spot — we’re literally in a scenario where we have to choose one or the other — producer Jonathan Levin reportedly told Combs. It’s her or [Shannen], as Alyssa informed us, and she’s threatened to file suit against us for creating a hostile work environment.

Doherty remarked on the show about her experience working with Milano, “I lived a year before this kind of replaying all in my brain and doing my best to find those moments.” On set, I can’t recall ever treating her badly.


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