Although Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s split “came out of nowhere,” it’s likely that they will reconcile: [Source]


Several sources informed PEOPLE that Pippen and Jordan had broken up after they both deleted any trace of each other from their social media accounts on Sunday.

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s split might not last long.

The former couple’s decision to divorce during Super Bowl weekend caught them off guard, an origin close to them tells PEOPLE.
The source states that it happened either the following weekend, but probably on Saturday. “They were just hanging out with pals on Thursday or Friday, and everything went well and nobody saw any problems. They’ll most likely reconcile.

The source continues, “It’s relationship stuff.” It seemed to happen out of nowhere, so perhaps everything will be alright as the emotions subside.

The revelation is corroborated by another source, which reveals to Who that Pippen, 49, & Jordan, 33, decided to take a break from each other for a while in order to reassess their relationship.

According to the source, this is entirely for their personal development and has little to do with input from their family.

A few hours after Jordan and Pippen deleted all references to one another from their Instagram accounts and unfollowed one another, PEOPLE verified that the Real Housewife of Miami star and Michael Jordan’s son had parted ways.

Pippen posted a barely concealed statement on her Instagram Story, coinciding with the split rumors that were circulating on Monday morning: “Whoever you pick to be your spouse impacts everything in your life.” Your happiness, your inner love, your mental well-being, how you handle setbacks and triumphs, how you will parent your kids, and much more.

The quote finished, “Make a wise choice.”

Pippen also intensified rumors that her and Jordan had broken up on Sunday night by asking her fans to vote in an Instagram Story poll: Would your companions unfollow your ex?

A video with Morgan Freeman talking about listening to your inner voice was played alongside the poll. Fans were left wondering whether the celebs had called it quits on their relationship after they suddenly stopped posting pictures of one another on their own accounts.

In 2019, Pippen and Jordan went to an event in Los Angeles where they met through common friends. Their friendship took off in 2022, and after they were photographed out eating lunch each other in September in that year, romance rumors started to circulate.

Nevertheless, Pippen acted evasively when he talked to PEOPLE at Bravo Con 2022 in October. She said, ‘We are buddies. We truly are friends; that’s all we’ve had for a few years. We have friendship.

However, the couple seemed to solidify their relationship in January 2023 when they were spotted holding hands and cuddling in Miami Beach, Fla. Many sources revealed the relationship to PEOPLE a few days later.

The ex-couple revealed to PEOPLE almost a year later that while they weren’t engaged, they might be in December at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball. Jordan stated that it was in the works, and Pippen responded, “It seems like we have been looking at rings.”

Without a doubt, we’ve been shopping. He assured me that was true.


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