All the Ways Ariana Madix Said Britney Spears Inspires Her Before Her ” I’m a Slave 4 U’ Concert on DWTS


After reading Spears’ biography, Madix remarked, “I can totally understand anything she had to say concerning it, regardless of the F-U of it all,” noting that they had both gone through difficult times. Perhaps Britney and I could become pals.

Britney Spears is an iconic pop artist who has inspired Ariana Madix with her ability to persevere despite difficult adversity.

Before performing “I’m a Slave 4 U” on Music Video Day on Waltz with the Stars on Tuesday, the 38-year-old Bravolebrity has been candid about how Spears and her recently released biography, The Woman in Me, have inspired her to maintain her composure in the face of difficult or uncomfortable situations.

The cast for the Emmy-nominated reality series Vanderpump Rules discussed recording the forthcoming season in the wake of “Scandoval” at the Vanderpump Rules event at Bravo Convention 2023 over the weekend, which prompted Madix to make a Spears allusion.

Sincerely, I was thinking going into this season, “If Ariana can do it, so can I,” James Kennedy remarked of Ariana’s strength, to which Madix retorted, “That’s how I think about Britney.” I know I can do it if Britney Spears can.

Madix and her nine-year partner, Tom Sandoval, grabbed headlines in May when word leaked out about his extramarital romance with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, a costar and friend of Madix’s. When it was time to film season 11 of Bravo, Leviss permanently left reality television but Sandoval came back to confront the rest of the group.

Fans are aware that Spears, 41, has experienced a range of mood swings in her life, from her legendary career to her turbulent romantic relationships and all points in between. From Spears’ point of view, those events are narrated in The Woman in Me.

Spears told PEOPLE, “I sat aside while others spoke of me and told my story for me over the previous Fifteen years or even at the beginning of my career.” “I was finally able to tell what happened without fear of punishment from those who were in charge of my life after I got out of my conservatorship.”

In interviews, the co-founder of Something About Her expressed her respect for the Grammy A winner musician.

I adore Britney dearly, she declared to Extra. In another piece, she discussed the head-shaving incident, and as I listened to her describe it, I started crying. It was very touching. And everything she said about it, the F-U of it all, I can really connect to.

Regarding her impending DWTS performance, she continued, “I just think she’s extremely powerful and so resilient.” God, that’s my girl; I just have to treat her well next week.

Madix acknowledged the difficulties she had to face in the previous year.Perhaps Britney and I could become pals.

With the help of Sasha Pashkov on Dance with the Stars, the television star has been killing the competition.

Judge Carolyn Inaba informed the TV star that she was leading the competition on last week’s broadcast.

Madix told PEOPLE after the show that while Inaba’s remark was “very exciting,” it also put “a lot of pressure” on her going forward with the ABC series.

Regarding Inaba’s compliment, she stated, “I wouldn’t like her feeling at any point for the weeks that follow that she did anything wrong in saying that.” I want her to believe that what she said was accurate.

“Working hard, keeping centered, having our eyes on each other’s page and just performing the very best version of ourselves as we can do,” is how Madix and Pashkov intend to maintain their position at the top of the scoreboard.

Tuesday night, Dancing among the Stars airs on ABC & Disney+ at 8 p.m. ET.


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