After the cucumber incident, Kendall is teased by Kylie Jenner as she cuts an onion for Thanksgiving, saying, “You’re doing a good job”


Vegetable chopping and Kendall go hand in hand.

This Christmas season, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are making up something special, and it looks like the latter has significantly improved her knife skills.

Kylie shared a video of the famous siblings cooking a Thanksgiving dinner on her story on Instagram on Thursday. With her elder sister Kendall, 28, chopping onions on the kitchen counter, Kylie, 26, was bound to catch a glimpse of her behind-the-scenes talent.

Kendall stopped dicing when a beauty businesswoman approached her with her cell phone out to capture. “Kylie! The creator of 818 Tequila jokingly said to her sister, “F— you,” while the two laughed in a video posted on Kylie’s Instagram Story.

“You’re doing a great job!” remarked the younger sibling.

The hand-heart emoji was written across the video upload, referencing Kendall’s controversial altercation that transpired on a May 2022 edition of The Kardashians.

In the now-viral video, Kendal and mom Kris Jenner were having a lengthy talk in the kitchen when the mother decided to summon one of their own chefs to help the model, who seemed like she was having trouble slicing a cucumber with a knife.

Kendall declined her mother’s offer of assistance and persisted in attempting to make her own snack.

“I’m managing myself,” she said in reply. “merely gotta chopping up some cucumber, it’s rather easy.”

“You go, girl,” Kris exclaimed.

Kendall said, “I’m certainly not an excellent cutter, so don’t close in on me,” as she looked into the television cameras. I’m not at all professional.”

But unlike the grandmother of the family, the internet didn’t let the moment pass gently.

For the June cover of WSJ Magazine’s Summer Digital issue, Kendall talked about the moment that instantly became viral reality TV content.

She told WSJ, “Let me simply state that I effectively cut ‘The Cucumber.'” Therefore, in response to the statement that “I cannot cut cucumbers,” I did so in a tasteful and practical manner. I caused no harm to anyone. so that I may chop cucumbers.

She went on to say that she truly likes to spend time in the kitchen preparing classic family recipes for guests, such as rice pilaf and herbed chicken and veggies.

As seen by the fact that the comments inspired one of Kendall’s 2022 Halloween costumes—a gigantic, walking cucumber—she didn’t appear to dislike them too much.

Along with the sisters, Kylie shared a close-up of candied yams and a video of them boiling beans that are green on the stove in her Thanksgiving Instagram Story on Thursday. The creator of the Khy apparel line also revealed to her almost 400 million fans that she has already put up her Christmas tree.

“First Thanksgiving, Mr. Moo Pants,” she captioned a video of herself having fun with a few of her dogs. A picture of her child Stormi cuddling with the dog while seated on the floor was the last post she made for the series.


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