After eighteen years of marriage, Scott Stapp and his wife Jaclyn of Creed are divorcing


After getting hitched in February 2006, the couple had three kids together.

In February 2019, Scott and Jaclyn Stapp were in Los Angeles.

Scott Stapp & his spouse Jaclyn are divorcing after eighteen years of marriage.

According to a representative for the rock star exclusively spoke to PEOPLE, Scott plans to handle this trying period in private due to gratitude to their family.
According to court records from Williamson County, Tennessee, the pair filed for divorce separately, with Jaclyn filing in June 2022 (which was later withdrawn) and Scott filing in May 2023. The couple is still proceeding with their divorce.

Despite realizing their marriage was finished, Scott and Jaclyn persisted in trying to make it work, an insider tells PEOPLE.

The divorce was first reported by TMZ.

The 50-year-old vocalist of Creed, Jaclyn, 43, and daughter Milan, 17, are parents to kids Daniel, 13, & Anthony, who was 6, while Stapp, along with his ex-wife Hillaree Burns, is the father of son Jagger, 25.

He met Jaclyn at a Muscular Dystrophy Association event in New York, and the two were married on February 11, 2006.

Scott Stapp

After a challenging upbringing, the artist spoke up to PEOPLE in March about how Jaclyn and their kids had given him a genuine understanding of what it meant to have a family.

My family has never been like this. He remarked, “They’ve really shown me how family is all about—sticking together and supporting another person’s backs.” No matter how the tale turns out, it’s something that has undoubtedly influenced me and taught me something. Hopefully, we can use that going forward in my life.

In addition, Scott clarified that he saw his marriage as “a learning experience,” much like all partnerships in life.

Partnerships teach us a lot of lessons, both positive and negative, and he added, “I’ve learned that every stage in every seasons of a relationship is most certainly an opportunity for growth, regardless of how they resolve or continue.” No matter what, you must reframe them while looking look at it as such. Whatever the situation, changing the way you see things can spur personal development and make you a better spouse and person overall.

The couple has been married for years and has revealed bits of their relationship on social media.

In 2020, the rock musician honored Jaclyn on Facebook to commemorate their 14 years of marriage.

He added, “Her love, devotion, loyalty, affection, commitment, & friendship has given me life past my wildest dreams and saved my life.” Jaclyn, you have demonstrated to me that faith and real love have no boundaries—only fresh starts.

Jaclyn revealed in December 2015 that she had enrolled in Couples Therapy following the musician’s public collapse the previous year, which included an erroneous diagnosis with bipolar disorder while he was recovering from drug misuse. Jaclyn was preoccupied with making sure their kids were secure at the moment.

July 2016, Scott and Jaclyn Stapp

Undoubtedly, I was not in my element. It was really challenging to discuss these serious problems in therapy when there were cameras all around us the entire time. She claimed at the time that although it was difficult, it was also a life-changing experience. I don’t regret participating in the show. It was a satisfying encounter. In addition to making some new friends, Dr. Jenn confronted us with many topics we hadn’t discussed in our ten years of marriage. Although talking about addiction and mental health might be difficult, as husband and wife, we discussed some extremely important topics.

The source informs PEOPLE that Scott received the necessary wake-up call in 2015. He has triumphed over great challenges, which is a testament to his faith wife the household he and Jaclyn built.

Scott talked candidly to PEOPLE earlier this year about the release of Higher Power, which detailed the highs and lows of his life.

Over the past four years, I’ve experienced a really challenging time in my life, he added. One item at a time, one day at a time, that’s how I’m hanging in there. only getting up again and repeating the entire process the following day after taking tiny bites out of the elephant. Lots happening, but it’s all for the best.

For their first reunion in twelve years, Scott and Creed will be joining forces for two carnival cruises throughout the heat of summer and a longer tour in the autumn. According to a recent poll by Pollstar, “the enthusiasm surrounding the revival of Creed could be something that this sector has never seen.”

“I’m driven to create,” I am who I am,” he remarked. “There’s a gap if I don’t do it with Creed. I must complete it. As a creative and an artist, there are things I have to let go of. Music is how I go about doing that.


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