After a fake death became viral, Lil Tay broke her silence and accuses her father of abusing her


The rapper also unveiled the reason for her long absence from the spotlight in her latest single & video for it.

At the initial time since a bogus death announcement went viral in August, Lil Tay, who is thought to be among the ages of 14 and 16, broke her silence on Instagram on Saturday. On the well-known social media platform, the MC and singer broadcasted live while donning a pink attire consisting of a sleeve crop top and matched miniskirt. She began by playing her instrument before settling down to discuss personal matters, such as why she hasn’t been in the spotlight for so long and how her biological dad, Chris Hope, and his wife are accused of abusing her.

She revealed in the video that her dad only got involved in her life again when she became well-known and gained control over her for a period. She claimed that the alleged physical and mental abuse occurred while she was in his care. She also brought up the death hoax, claiming her father was responsible for it.

Tay continued by stating that another person has been making false claims about being her former manager while collaborating with her father. She ended the video by stating that she is ready to resume her singing career and that her mother, who she claimed supports her, has possession of her once more. She posted an additional video for the song “Sucker 4 Green,” that can be seen below, after the public conversation.

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back.”URL IN MY BIO! You lot of b*tches believed the show was over.SUCKER 4 GREEN IS AVAILABLE NOW!Everyone should go watch!,” she said as the caption for the photo.

Tay’s allegations came after her father last week refuted the claims of abuse and that he staged her demise. Christopher stated in a statement to TMZ that “the individual who is accountable for that Facebook post, in addition to anyone repeated a totally false and slanderous accusation within it, are practically certain to become respondents in the libel lawsuit.” “Everything expressed is 100% untrue and I think that this will be clear to anyone whom knows my or the long history of ludicrous and untrue claims released by multiple individuals who have controlled an Instagram account,” the user continued.

In the same period of time, Tay posted a picture of her biological dad to her Instagram narrative along with the caption, “My abuser racist misogynist woman beat father faked my death.” Someone’s (apparently Tay’s) hands are seen on a passport in a subsequent post. Tay hasn’t independently commented on the most recent charges brought against her father.

Tay was proven to be alive in a statement by the talented actress shortly after the false death announcement about her went viral. On August 10, she informed TMZ via her family, “I need to get it known that the two of us are well and alive, but I’m completely heartbroken and struggle to come up with the right words to say.” A very distressing 24 hours have passed. While attempting to resolve this problem, I received a steady stream of tearful and sorrowful telephone calls by relatives and friends yesterday.


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