Actor Angus Cloud’s mother claims that his death was not premeditated: His final day was a happy one


Early this week, 25-year-old actor Angus Cloud from the movie Euphoria passed away. The late actor’s mother has now revealed information regarding his final day before passing away.

Lisa Cloud, Angus Cloud’s mother, writes a letter on the actor’s passing. (AFP) (Image by Chris Delmas)

At the age of 25, actor Angus Cloud from the movie Euphoria passed away suddenly. The late actor’s mother Lisa Cloud has since posted a message on her Facebook page outlining how her son spent the day before he passed away and claiming that it was not a suicide. In the movie Euphoria, Angus attracted notice for his portrayal as the drug dealer Fez. (See also: Billie Eilish performs Never Felt So Alone from Euphoria as an homage to Angus Cloud during Lollapalooza.)

Lisa Cloud’s Facebook post

Lisa said on Facebook that she appreciated everyone’s support for her family at this difficult time. I also want you to know that, despite my son’s intense sorrow at the premature passing of his father from mesothelioma, his last day was a happy one. In an effort to prolong his stay in the house he loved, he began rearranging his room and putting things in various locations about the house. He declared his intention to support his mom both emotionally and financially as well as aid his sisters who are attending college. He had no plans to take his own life. We expressed our love for one another during our goodnight hugs, and he promised to see me the next morning.I have no idea whether or what he might have ingested after that. I only know that while working on creative projects, he placed his head on the desk, slept off, and never woke up.

Further details

Lisa said that she did not think Angus committed suicide. “It’s very evident that he did not mean to check out of this life, but we may discover that he overdosed tragically and unintentionally. He was really having trouble. He lavished his tribe with love and support as well as reciprocated the favor. His work in euphoria served as a talking point for his generation and sparked a discussion on love, compassion, and loyalty.

Last but not least, Lisa made a reference to the latest suicide stories before writing, “His head injury ten years ago surprisingly didn’t end in death as it nearly invariably does. He spent the extra 10 years being imaginative and loving. Social media posts have raised the possibility that his death was planned. That is not the case, I’d like you to know. Please practice random acts of kindness as a way to pay tribute to his memory. God bless you everyone.

Angus’ Euphoria co-stars posted their condolences on Instagram after learning of his passing. Words can’t express the boundless beauty that is Angus (Conor), according to Zendaya. I’m very happy I had the opportunity to meet him in this life, to call him a brother, to see his wonderful eyes and smile, or to hear his contagious laugh (just thinking about it makes me grin)… For all the unending light, love, and happiness he consistently managed to bring us. I’ll treasure every second.


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