According to reports, the Hulk Hogan weds his 3rd wife, Sky Every day, in Florida


On Friday evening, the legendary wrestler and the brunette model purportedly exchanged vows in a ceremony without his child Brooke.

According to Daily Mail, Hulk Hogan, who is now 70, wife Skylar Daily, 45, are married. Just than a year after their relationship was initially made public, the wrestling legend and the pretty blonde got wed in Clearwater, Florida, according to the publication. Sky, according to a source, “changed his life.” He is literally over the moon happy, the happiest he has ever been. A character like the Hulk would be glowing if he could.

The informant added that Brooke, thirty-five, the Hulk’s daughter, was regretfully not among the attendees during the low-key wedding. “The wedding was low key. Both of them desired a modest affair with their loved ones to express their unwavering devotion to one another rather than anything extravagant.

Nick Hogan, the son of the Hulk, shared a picture which his fiancée Tanna Lea had uploaded online Friday and which appeared to be at the wedding. In the picture, they were both grinning and posed alongside one another while being fully attired. They both had sunglasses, and she was wearing a long, sleeveless maroon dress while he was dressed in a tuxedo. She captioned the picture, “Mom & Dad sometimes dress up.”

Following their engagement in July, Hulk and Sky are rumored to be getting married. Before he proposed to her in a Tampa, Florida restaurant, they had been together dating for a whole year. The well-known WWE champion admitted to being “nervous” during her proposal but was delighted to share what she had said.

Hulk’s third wife is named Sky. From 1983 through 2007, Linda Hogan was his first wife. During their marriage, the ex-lovers welcomed Brooke and Nick. In response to claims of Hogan developed an attraction to Brooke’s friend Christiane Plante, Linda filed a divorce. Following Linda, Hulk later wed Jennifer McDaniel. He didn’t make the announcement of their split till he started dating Sky, even though the relationship lasted until 2010 to 2022. For the record, he wrote on Facebook and Instagram in 2022, “Yo Maniacs so for the document, my Facebook my Instagram photos are of myself and my spouse Sky, we are already separated apologize that anyone previously knew, luv my Maniacs4Life,” according to TMZ.


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