According to reports, Priyanka Chopra is “torn” about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ split and feels “found in the midst”


A person with knowledge said that the actor has been attempting to handle the stressful situation since she “loves” Sophie her her nieces.

According to Life & Style, Priyanka Chopra, 41, feels “caught in the mess” of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ recent divorce. The ex-wife of Nick Jonas, who was “very close” to the actress and her nieces Willa, 3, and Delphine, who 1, as well as the actress, who gained her spouse’s sister through marriage, has been attempting to find out how to handle the uncomfortable situation that the former couple are currently experiencing.

According to an informant, “Sophie and Joe maintained a lot of their friends apart, but some of them are caught in this mess.” They said, “She and Sophie were very close,” alluding to Priyanka.

The source stated, “There was a point when Sophie imagined she and Joe and Nick and Priyanka would move to London. “Priyanka adores Sophie & the other nieces and would never do anything to put their well-being in danger.
The insider’s allegations came a year after her, who wed Nick in 2018, spoke candidly to Elle about how “nice” it was that she had Sophia and another sister-in-law, Daniel Jonas, the spouse of Kevin Jonas, in her life. She told the publication, “I’ve never had an actual sister, so it’s very nice to have both Danielle because Sophie, and it’s just sharing the family by proxy.”

“When Sophie and I go out, we have the best time. She is incredibly skilled and hilarious. She said, “She’s amazing. She will have replaced Mrs. Jonas by that point this is published. Her arrival will be greatly anticipated.

Joe and Sophie separated on September 6, which they confirmed. In a joint statement, the former lovers stated that they had decided to break their marriage amicably after four lovely years of marriage. We genuinely hope that everyone will acknowledge our request for security for parents and our children. “There are many theoretical storylines that explain why, but honestly this is a collective decision,” they said.

They have been treated as co-parenting their two girls ever since Sophie moved out of Joe’s house and was recently spotted at Taylor Swift’s Manhattan residence. According to Page Six, on September 25 they agreed to a temporary order stating that their children will remain in New York. As part of their efforts to resolve their custody dispute, they reportedly began mediation in New York City earlier this month. The trial date for the judge’s decision on their girls’ custody was reportedly set for the second of January in the case.


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