A picture of Tori Spelling’s son Liam getting ready for foot surgery is shared. “I Can’t Tell Who’s Nervouser”


On Wednesday, the actress posted a picture of her oldest kid, Liam Aaron McDermott, waiting for foot surgery.

On his behalf her son, Tori Spelling recently provided an update on his condition.

The 50-year-old actress posted a picture of her 16-year-old oldest child, Liam Aaron McDermott, getting ready for a foot operation on Wednesday afternoon.

Together with her ex-husband Dean McDermott, she has three children: Beau Dean, age six, Hattie Margaret, age eleven, Finn Davey, age ten, and Stella Doreen, age fifteen.

“I’m waiting for my first baby to have foot surgery,” Spelling posted on her Instagram Story. “Not sure who’s anxious him or mama.”

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star posted a picture of her teenage kid resting in a hospital bed as she was in the background taking the picture.

“Delighted about your courage,” she penned to Liam. “And matters can only get worse after this.”

The reason behind Liam’s surgery remained a mystery to Spelling, although her oldest son did not accompany the family to the 2023 Christmas Ball performance in Los Angeles recently. At the Dec. 1 ceremony, Spelling was accompanied by the four younger kids.

“Jingle Ball 2023: Sequins, Music, and Kids” Oh my! This past weekend was the BEST time ever for my family, friends, and kids!” Spelling posted pictures of her four kids from the concert on Instagram. She expressed her gratitude to iHeartRadio for realizing “a pre-teen girl, teenage girl, & mothers wish come true watching @oliviarodrigo.”

“Seeing Olivia was everything after a difficult 2023! She has been our musical champion and anthem during this period. We gave her our very best singing,” Spelling went on.

Following their June separation, Spelling & McDermott, 56, have been open about their perceived marital issues with the Mail on Sunday in November.

“She isolated with the kids, and I became alone growing more and more.” We shared a room,” McDermott remarked.

We didn’t often share a meal together. We used to have family dinners together, but they were never cohesive “he went on. I felt more worse about it since I knew I had a significant role in [the issue] and I was at a loss for what to do.

Although Spelling has not yet made her connection with McDermott public, insiders previously told PEOPLE that things were going well between the two before her husband’s June announcement.

A source close to Spelling tells PEOPLE, “They really did seem to be in a good place in recent months, but their friends have seen their ups and downs through the years.” This seems quite strange to me.


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