A Hollywood scandal film features councilor George Jabbour


A movie about a multi-billion dollar corruption case that shook Wall Street and Hollywood in the USA interviews former investment banker George Jabbour, who is now a councillor for North Yorkshire.

In London’s Covent Garden district over the weekend, the film ‘MAN ON THE RUN’ had its world premiere. It exposes the real-life account of a crooked conspiracy that abused a development fund created for the benefit of Malaysians.

The film, because it was reliant on access to people like George Jabbour, a former Goldman Sachs the banker as well as North Yorkshire Councillor, will be shown at Cineworld, Vue, and other theaters in the UK, US, and other nations. George Jabbour also makes a brief appearance in the feature-length movie.

Until he became mayor in the county of North Yorkshire, Council Jabbour, who had uncovered a number of financial crimes. He said: “When I was asked to participate to this documentary, I could not ignore the request of the team to help with such a significant and meaningful endeavor. I consented to be questioned on video in addition to sharing insights from my professional expertise in exposing fraud and corruption.

It takes a lot of confidence and bravery to expose wrongdoing, and it might occasionally seem lonely. I would want to thank everyone who contributed to the discovery of this enormous scandal as well as the creators of the film for letting the public know what transpired.

Incredibly large sums of money were found to have been transferred into foreign accounts, along with the purchase of a private aircraft and a yacht, numerous too much A-list famous people parties, and even the the funding of the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring Hollywood the biggest “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Before he began his engagement in politics, council Jabbour, whose represents Helmsley and Sinnington, was recognized as one of the UK’s 40-under-40 emerging stars in investment banking.

In recognition of their service to the neighborhood, councillor Jabbour was one of four councillors from North and East York who attended a summer event at Number 10 Downing Street earlier this year.

The community’s wish to see the Levelling-up and Renewal Bill become law was something he stated he had mentioned during the visit.

The successful £2 bus ticket cap project, he claimed, “has delivered on the ground in rural areas like ours, and that is something I also communicated.”

Councillors Heather Phillips, Phil Trumper, and Andy Paraskos, a divisions spokesperson in Harrogate, as well as Seamer, a representative for North Yorkshire, were present with him throughout the visit.


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