56-year-old Pamela Anderson Opens Up On Aging and Laughing at Herself in the Mirror


Although Pamela Anderson has adopted a more laid-back style and wearing quite a bit of makeup, she has admitted that it takes time to appear natural.

According to actress Pamela Anderson, two hours are still spent in front of the mirror to achieve her new natural look.

The previous ‘Baywatch’ star wears quite a bit of makeup and is going for a more laid-back look, but she stated that looking natural takes just as long to achieve as wearing a full face of makeup because it still requires hours.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she made a joke about how natural beauty still requires an hour in front of a mirror.

The 56-year-old actress claimed in an upcoming conversation with Elle magazine that she changed her appearance following the passing of her longtime makeup artist Alexis Vogel.

She declared to the media that she had been the best. Since then, I’ve felt like I should avoid wearing makeup if I don’t have Alexis.

According to Pamela, her new appearance has been “freeing, enjoyment, and a little rebel too.” She continued, “I was aware because there were a lot of people sporting big makeup appears, – it’s just me to go against the wheat and do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”

I believe as we age, we all begin to appear a little odd. And when I look in the mirror, I kind of chuckle at myself. Wow, this is actually occurring, what’s going on with me? I think. It’s an adventure. However, I feel strongly for. I feel great. I’m doing well right now.

The actress continued, “I’m now most at ease at home, working in my garden or creating pottery.” Her reality series “Pamela’s Garden of Paradise” features her renovating her grandmother’s Vancouver Island property, which she owns in her native Country.

By working on the upcoming series “Pamela’s Food With Love,” which will see her planning plant-based menus and preparing vegetarian dishes in her house for family and friends, she is also showcasing her culinary prowess.


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