33 years later, Naomi & Co. are back in Vogue


33 years after their legendary photo session, the world’s first supermodels—Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington—reunite on the cover of Vogue.

33 years after their legendary photo session, the world’s first models were back together to appear on the cover of Vogue.

For the very first time since 1990, Christy Turlington, 54, Linda Evangelista, 58, Cindy Crawford, 57, and Naomi Campbell, 53, photographed together for a double cover shot for the US and UK September issues.

The group posed for the magazine while wearing black power suits and ball dresses, promoting their new Apple TV+ movie Supermodels.

Tatjana Patitz, a 56-year-old German supermodel who passed away from breast cancer in January, is not present in the lineup.

Campbell, a 20-year-old native of South London, shared the British Vogue issue with other young, attractive women to commemorate the start of a new decade.

‘What Next?’ was the question in the January 1990 edition. – with the trio set to appear in George Michael’s big single “Freedom! ’90” in the near future.

Linda Evangelista told the magazine of the uproar that followed the release of the video: “It was ridiculous. The Beatles are not like us.

Campbell talked on balancing her job and her family after giving birth to her first kid, a girl, at age 50 and her second child, a son, this year.

Her daughter “rolls with me” when she travels, she told the magazine.

She has traveled to Africa and the Middle East, according to Campbell, who describes herself as “a global citizen, constantly on the plane.” It is difficult and takes more organization and preparation; once she starts school, things will change.

When she was just starting out, she also spoke candidly about the lack of diversity in the field, asking why she had to accept less pay for the same work as her colleagues. Why did the programs book me but not the advertisements? I didn’t hold my tongue.

I don’t mind getting older, and I never have. Linda Evangelista expressed this in regards to aging. Ageing brings us to our desired state, which for me is a long life.

“I desire wrinkles, yet I have Botox in my forehead, therefore I am a hypocrite. I want to see my son develop into a respectable young man. I simply want to remain.

In 1994, Christy Turlington took a break from modeling to pursue a degree in philosophy at New York University. She then developed into a humanitarian and started a non-profit organization that promotes global pregnancy and childbirth safety.

She called her modeling job “a blip in my life” and anticipates her kids would ask her after viewing the video, “Like, what do you mean I can’t go here or there? You used to stay out till four in the morning when you were 16 years old.

For the first time since [their first cover] nearly 34 years ago, Cindy, Christy, Linda, and Naomi have reunited for a Vogue cover, fashion editorial, interviews, and video in-conversations to mark the release of their highly anticipated documentary for Apple TV+, according to British Vogue editor Edward Enninful OBE, who also styled the models for the magazine photoshoot.

My respected co-conspirator Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue and chief content officer of Condé Nast, and I felt there was only one thing for it in such a holy time. The illustrious quartet had to appear on the American and British Vogues covers at the same time.

  • On Tuesday, August 22, British Vogue’s September edition will be available for digital download and newsstand purchase.


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